The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



August 26, 2000

E-mail from Harley Coon to Leroy Thorn:
" Leroy - This was a direct result of the new KWVA administration re-opening the case. The past administration we believe [sic] was trying to sweep this whole issue under the rug. He (Maison) was appointed without board approval."

[KWE Note: John Maison was appointed as treasurer of the KWVA at the October 15, 1994 board meeting following a motion by Harley Coon that stated, " Be it known this day that by approval and consent of the Executive Board of Korean War Veterans, Incorporated, Mr. John P. Maison, III, (inaudible) is hereby appointed to the position of treasurer and financial officer to be effective August 9th, 1994."]


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