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Current Events - 2003 - Chris Sarno Memoir


L to R Chris Sarno and Jim Kelley
at 1MDAssoc reunion
San Diego 2000...
2 Korean War combat survivors

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During this interview in 1999, Chris Sarno said that he thought the next generation of Americans would be willing to do far less than that generation of Americans who served in or grew up in World War II—and then served their country again during the Korean War. "There has been limited war since Korea," he explained. "The American people, as well as the people of other industrialized nations, are living a lifestyle that they never experienced before. War seems to be obsolete. But I believe that war is always going to be with us. Big or small, war is going to be with us."

Sure enough, Sarno’s prediction came true. During Operation Desert Storm, he sat glued to his television all hours of the day, staying up until three in the morning to watch the media coverage of the war. "I sensed a breakthrough was imminent," he said. "I was truly impressed with General Swartzkopf in 1991-92. The Marine Divisions in both wars were simply amazing in wrestling a military victory with a sophisticated force of arms. The USMC was spectacular doing what they were trained to do—WIN WARS. I expected nothing short of total victory exhibited by Marine units, and I was not disappointed in the least. I have seen the new Marines at reunions, and they impressed me as a Master Race breed of combat warrior."

In contrast, Chris Sarno is not impressed at all with American’s young people today. "The volunteer Armed Forces is an exception," he noted. "They are most worthy young Americans. But the foppish, liberated, drug-induced, rabble young ones on the home front are despicable at best, including the heavily third-world people living here who aren’t breaking any records to enlist in our Armed Forces at all. They are just a bunch of takers. Excluding our volunteer armies, young Americans are obese, lazy, and dumb."

When he learned about the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2000, Sarno was shocked. "Since the attack," he notes, "the people of the USA have changed to a degree, but nothing like the change that took place after the attack on Pearl Harbor. In December of 1941, this country was galvanized for revenge and unconditional surrender. War losses were jammed down our throats for six months and the outcome looked precarious. It was war 24/7 for four years, with consumer sacrifices throughout the war. If you weren’t in uniform, you were chastised as a 4-F’er. Not so after 9/11. I noticed in my daily travels that everyone is patriotic, but it was business as usual UNLESS you had a son or daughter in Iraq. No one was much concerned or scared. Corporate America raped us from pillar to post. Thousands got pink-slipped by Corporate America. There was no high employment for war items or jobs—just plenty of unemployed American workers. There were no war songs to defeat the Raghead nations. No big concerted war effort from movies. In fact, it was just the opposite from World War II. Hollywood vilified President Bush with TV series ranking on his handling of the war and his job as President. There were loud and profane anti-war/anti-Bush demonstrations where every crank was recruited to bad mouth the American way of life. No siree, this present day USA is fragmented from within. I am personally all for Bush and his Cabinet, and I am proud of our volunteer Armed Forces—especially the USMC. But this USA is a cosmetic kiss compared to the galvanized USA nation of World War II. I see a humongous race war coming within 20 years in time. The face of the USA is now 52% Hispanic-Black-Oriental, and getting bigger each year. White America is history, and that is a statistic we can’t ever change. I’m happy I’m fading away. I loved living in a white world. This mongrel breeding has come full circle to bite us in the ass. My grandkids will have to reap the whirlwind."


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