This is the bulk of the officers of the 2nd battalion when located at Koje Island. I think only five or six missed out on the picture. I guess somebody had to work. Here they are as keyed by the numbers. Blanks mean I could not identify them. (1) Lt. Cary Asst. S-1 16. Lt. Piner, P&A Platoon; (2) Capt. J. H. Kennedy, Hq. Co. CO 17. Lt. W. F. Simmons, Co. G CO; (3) Capt. W. J. Ward, Bn. S-1 18. Lt. O. R. Davis, Asst S-3; (4) Maj. J. E. Noble, 2nd Bn. CO 19. Lt. G. C. Smith, Bn. S-2; (5) Lt. D. G. Redmond, Bn. S-4 20. Lt. Rogers, Co. G Platoon Leader; (6) Lt. D. Rooney, Chaplin 21; (7) Lt. J. N. Brandenburg, Co. F CO 22; (8) Lt. R. G. Whitson, Co. E Plat Ldr 23. Lt. R. G. Campbell, Co. G Plat Ldr; (9).Lt. Adams, Commo Officer 24. Lt. K. M McCall, H Co. Plat Ldr; (10) Lt. I. R. Hubbard, MSC Med. Co. 25. Lt. Norwood, Bn. S-2; (11) Lt. A. H. Glenn, Co. E Plat Ldr 26. Mr. Snodgrass, Co. E Admin; (12) Capt. T. O. Phillips, Bn. S-3 27. Lt. M. E. Polson, Tk Co. Plat Ldr; (13) Lt. D. G. McMillan, Co. H Recon Off 28. Lt. J. E. Caple, Bn. Surgeon; (14) Lt. F. O. Barger, Co. F Plat Ldr; (15) Lt. C. L. Jones, Co. H Plat Ldr