This was the assembly area for a counter-attack our battalion performed on October 8, 1952. The Chinese hit several of our regimentís outposts the night of October 6 and they took Charlie Outpost. Our mission was to take it back so we moved off line on October 7 and came to this area to assemble our order of battle. I spent the night under the tree at the upper right briefing my machine gun platoon on their orders. A section of machine guns was assigned to each of the rifle companies and I had to make sure everyone got to his assignment and on time. I believe the first assault company was to jump off at 0500 and we didnít get to this area until about dark. This action made no headlines because the action was relatively small. It was located a few miles west of the Old Baldy/Pork Chop Hill area. However, Randy Holland, the officer I came to the division with was killed leading the second assault platoon. I lost one man in my platoon.