Right after we were pulled out of the Triangle Hill battle we were sent on line to an area I was totally unfamiliar with. We set up our machine guns but there were no readymade bunkers. We immediately set about constructing a sleeping bunker for my platoon headquarters. This was it. I think we might have located it a bit forward on the finger we were on because we received sniper fire during all the construction. The sniper must have been a long way off because the shots didnít seem to be aimed but sprinkled about. No one was hit but we did stay behind the bunker. The Chinese were in the same direction as the camera pointed. We looked and looked but we never were able to pinpoint his location. Just as we were completing the bunker I was summoned back to headquarters to take over the company because the company commander came down with some Asian disease. I didnít even spend one night in the bunker.