A patrol of Dog Company Marines recovered the body of their fellow Leatherneck, PFC Joseph A. McKenna. McKenna was previously listed as Missing in Action.
In the photo: front row left to right: PFC Ryan Hietala, PFC Rober Weidner, Cpl. Joseph R. Lodala, PFC Scott Weeden, PFC Richard Eaterwood, PFC Charles D. Howe, Lucky Kim, S/Sgt. Ronald E. Stoneking.
Second row left to right: Cpl. Elmer G. Nicholls, Cpl. John R. Fielding, Cpl. Arthur Kroeger, PFC Michael Kamenca, PFC Jack C. Godsey. Third row left to right: PFC Howard C. Smith, PFC Arlo Jerve, Cpl. John R. Godsworthy. Top row left to right: PFC Fred Frankville, PFC Johnnie Evans, Cpl. Arthur J. Weisberger, Lt. David McKay, PFC Richard J. Curtin, HN James W. Hartley.