Army - 52nd Field Artillery Battalion War Diary

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Firing Positions - 52nd FAB, July 1950-November 1950

Date Narrative

5 July 1950

Battle at Osan.  A Btry and HQ (-) move to psn 1,000 yds north of Osan.  1st Bn 21st Inf overrun.  A Btry withdraws to Ansong with 1st Bn 31st Infantry B Btry plus HQ (-) arrive Songwan by train at 2200 hrs.  B Btry into psn between Songwan and Pyongtaek DS 1st Bn 34th Inf.

6 July 1950

B Btry displaces to psn 2 miles south of Chonan, DS 3rd Bn 34th Inf. HQ + Svc Btry displace to Chochiwan, join remainder of A Btry in process of reequipping.

7 July 1950

B Btry moves one platoon north of Chonan to spt. advance by 3rd Bn 34 Inf. -- meet heavy resistance and withdraw.  The 63rd FA moves into psn.  B Btry to spt fires of 63rd FA. Bn (-B Btry) joins 21st Inf at Chochiwan.

8 July 1950

A Btry Spt. 1st Bn at Chonui.  B Btry spt. 3rd Bn 34th Inf 3 miles W of Chong-Ju.  B Btry 11th FA attached. 21st Inf Regt. assumed command of 34th Inf. Regt.

9 July 1950

All batteries registered on a common point, fired on targets of opportunity throughout day.

10 July 1950

1st Bn under heavy attack.  Had to withdraw in afternoon.  3rd Bn successfully counterattacked.  52 FA forced to withdraw to vic Konghong-ni where BN CP was located.

11 July 1950

B Btry displ. to N of Chochiwan.  A Btry displ to S of Chochiwan.  3rd Bn hit by heavy attack causing loss of most of staff.  Remnants of 1st Bn (from Osan) reequipped at Taejon joined A and D companies.  Entire 52d FA Bn withdrew S of Chochiwan.

12 July 1950

Heavy attack on 1st Bn (est. NK regiment).  1st Bn ordered to withdraw behind Kum River Line.  After supporting 3rd Bn 21st Inf (21 IR), 52 FA displ. to Tuman-ni south of Kum River.  13th FA atch to 52d FA.

13 July 1950

19th Inf relieved 21st Inf, ordered to airstrip N of Taejon to reorganize and reequip.  3rd Bn consolidated into one rifle company (K Co.) and a weapons company (M Co). (Note: this was same configuration of 3rd Bn on the Naktong R. on 3 Aug.). 52 FA to spt fires of 13th FA.

14 July 1950

Reserve battalion 19th Inf moved near CP of 52nd FA Bn. A Btry displ. 1000 yds E due to counterbattery fire.

15 July 1950

Continued to spt. 13th FA.  At 2000 hrs Bn received heavy shelling.  One howitzer section dispatched to E of Taejon.   Reserve battalion 19th Inf moved to Kyongju to spt 34th Inf in serious trouble.

16 July 1950

Bn hit by heavy enemy attack.  At 1500 Bn attempted to displace, prevented by en road block.  One section from B Btry was able to get through.  Bn too heavy casualties, mostly in B Btry whose CO and 1st Sgt. were KIA.  Most men walked out.

17-20 July 1950

Bn reassembled.  A Btry reequipped w/minimum for combat.

21 July 1950

Bn moved to vic Obeng-dong.  A Btry to psn E of Yongdong atch to 13th FA.

22 July 1950

A Btry released to Bn control.

25 July 1950

Bn departed Oksan-dong for psn at Kanchon-ni.  Spt 21st Inf (21 IR) at Pohang-dong.

27 July 1950

A Btry and fwd FDC to psn S of Yongdok.  Good spt from naval gunfire.  Bn (-) remained at Pohang-dong.  C Co 21 IR provided local security for A Btry.

28 July 1950

ROKs attacked toward Yongdok, gained 2000 yards.  Prep fires by A Btry, C Btry 159th FA, Naval units, and 4.2 mortars effective.  C/159 FA released.  Btry A 11th FA atch.

29 July 1950

Continued spt. of ROKs.  Very effective Naval spt.

30 July 1950

Ordered by CG to move BN (-) to Masan.

31 July 1950

Bn departed for Masan.  Bivouaced at Changdae-ri.

1 August 1950

Completed road march to Masan.  Hq and B Btry reequipped.  First time since Kum R., 52 FA had 3 firing batteries in combat.

2 August 1950

A Btry disp fwd to psn 7000 yds S of Yondok.

3 August 1950

A Btry reports very effective fire on enemy 2-3 Aug.

4 August 1950

Bn (-A Btry) displ. to psn between Changnyong and Naktong River.  DS 21 IR w/3d Bn (K Co and M Co) on line, 1st Bn in reserve.

6 August 1950

B Btry 63d FA and A Btry 11 FA atch to 52 FA.  3d Engineers (TF Hyzer) relieves 17th ROK Reg. on N flank of 21 IR.

10 August 1950

A Btry returned from Yondok area into psn 1500 yds to left front of B Btry.  Attempted river crossing repulsed.  1st Bn 21st Inf dispatched S to Yongsan area to spt battle of Naktong Bulge.  Two FOs sent to spt. 1st Bn.  One returned.  3d Bn w/2 rifle cos. defends 12 mi. front.

12 August 1950

B Btry 63d FA relaid N to spt 3d Engineers (TF Hyzer) and oppose threat of en crossing in area of 1st Cav Div.  Boundary of 21 IR. extended 8 mi. to N.

14 August 1950

TF Hyzer tch to 21 IR.

21 August 1950

Recon party from 38th FA visited.  The 13th FA and 11th FA were relieved in S. (Naktong Bulge) to spt 52 FA.  1st BN 21 IR returned to regimental control.

15-22 August 1950

21 IR, 52d FA, B/63d FA, and A Brty 36th AAA ordered into 8th Army reserve.  52 FA closed Kyongsan at 2100 hrs (about 8 mi. E of Taegu).

24 August 1950

remained in Taegu rest area.  B Btry howitzers checked by ordinance.

25 August 1950

remainder of howtizers checked by ordinance.  Recon party sent to find possible positions.

26 August 1950

B Btry 63d FA Bn, commanded by Anthony F. "Tony" Stahelski, redesignated C Btry 52nd FA.

27 August 1950

occupation of psns in Bowling Alley N of Taegu halted.  52 FA ordered to move to Pohang-dong area as part of 21st RCT to back up ROK Capitol Div.  Occupied psns 4000 yd S of Kigye at 2130 hrs after 55 mi. road march.  A Btry shelled during night.

28 August 1950

en artillery continued active.  En drived off high ground overlooking 52d FA psns.  Flash base established.

29 August 1950

fired prep for successful attack by ROK Capitol Div.  52 FA counterbattery fires effective.

30 August 1950

ROK Patrol passed through flash base reported new en regt in Kigye valley.  High burst registration conducted by flash base.  Bn massed fires on en. regt. Estimated 90% of regt of 2500 NK KIA or WIA.  3d Bn 34th Inf redesignated 2d Bn 211R.

1 September 1950

Bn ordered to disp to Pohang area with 21 IR.

2 September 1950

Hard fighting 2-3 Sep. attacking N to Yondok.  K Co. almost destroyed on Hill 99, 35 men left after attack.

4 September 1950

Bn disp. to Angang-ni.  DS 21 IR reinforcing 6th ROK Cap. Div. to stop enemy breakthrough between Kigye and Angang-ni.

5 September 1950

Bn broke up several en attacks on Anggang-ni.  Bn ordered to displ S to Kyongju to spt 21 IR against en column threatening Kyongju from NE.

6 September 1950

Bn in psn just N of Kyongju.  En regt caught 2d Bn 21 IR in road block 3.5 mi. to N. Air obsever broke up road block with artillery fire.

7 September 1950

assault platoon, 6th Med, Tank Bn atch at "Dog" Btry. 21 IR attacked NE 2500 yds.

10 September 1950

rec'd additional mission of reinf 3rd Bn 19th Inf.

14 September 1950

recon party inspected psns Kyongson area.

15 September 1950

Bn displ to N of Kyongsan and E of Taegu.  Recon party to select psn in "Bowling Alley" N of Taegu.  Lt. Col. Miller O. Perry to Div Arty Exec.  Lt. Col. Robert Dawson assumed command.  Inchon landing successful.

16 September 1950

Bn displ to new psn in Bowling Alley to reinf fires of 99th FA Bn.  C Co, 6th Tank Bn, with 17 tanks, atch to 52nd FA.  41 weapons under Bn control.

18 September 1950

Recon for psns just E of Naktong R. about 10 mi. SE of Waegwan.  DS 21 IR in crossing river.  Occupied new psns at 1820 hrs. Btry "D" released.

19 September 1950

1st Bn 21 IR attacked across Naktong at 0400 hrs after heavy prep fires at 52nd FA.

20 September 1950

displ N to 3000 yds S of Waegwan to spt 21st Inf moving N along W bank of Naktong.

21 September 1950

displ to psns 1500 yds E of Waegwan.  21 IR advances swinging NW opposite Waegwan along Taegu-Taejon highway.

22 September 1950

Bn crosses Naktong on pontoon bridge at 1130 hrs.  Psns occupied 4 mi. N of Waegwan on Waegwan-Kumchon axis.  LtCol Dawson evacuated (medical).  Maj. Marshall H Armor, Jr (Bn Exec) assumed command.

24 September 1950

Bn displ to psns 8 mi. below Kumchon.  5th RCT passed through 21 IR, cont'd attack on Kumchon.

25 September 1950

Kumchon entered by 5th RCT.  Bn moved fwd continued to fire on en beyond Kumchon.

26 September 1950

21 IR moved out.  Relieved by 19th Inf.

27 September 1950

Bn displ to liaison aircraft airstrip between Hwanggni and Yongdong where Bn reassembled on 20 July after battle at Kum River.

28 September 1950

displ forward to rendezvous area 5 Mi. NW of Yongdong toward Taejon.

29 September 1950

Bn entered Taejon.  A Btry in psn 5 mi. SE in spt. 3d Bn 21 1R.  Seoul fell to Marines.  Several hundred victims of NK atrocities found at police station, prison and Catholic Church.

2 October 1950

Bn moved 30 mi. to bivouac area just N of Chonan.

6 October 1950

Bn moved through Seoul into rendezvous area in river bed 5 mi. SE of Munsan near 38th Parallel.

9 October 1950

displ to psn N of Munsan 2500 yds short of 38th Parallel.  B Btry in firing psn laid on az. 6400.

10 October 1950

1st Bn just N of sandbag bridge received mortar fire.  FO w/C Co (Lt. Earl Lochead) adjusted on en mortars.  Bn fired 3 missions, first firing by Bn since capture of Kumchon.  At 1300 hrs Bn displ to rendezvous area just N of Imjin R at Munsan ferry.

12 October 1950

Bn displ to Paekchon (W of Kaesong) to spt 3rd Bn 21 IR.

13 October 1950

A and B Btry in psn E of Paekchon.

14 October 1950

Recon prty to Choum-ni 18 mi.  N to select psn for A Btry to spt. 1st Bn.  This was first element of 52nd FA to cross 38th Parallel.

16 October 1950

Bn moved to spt 21 IR on drive to Haeju 45 mi. W of Paekchon N of 38th Parallel.  A 21 IR liaison plane was struck by AF fighter on takeoff outside Bn CP.  All KIA.  By nightfall Bn still on road 20 mi. E of Haeju.

17 October 1950

After midnight Bn halted on road in mountain pass 5 mi. E of Haeju by NK ammo truck hit by 90mm fire.  Two trains backed out of tunnel adjacent to A Btry psn. American POWs visable in train cars.  Trains reentered tunnel and disappeared.  At 0800 hrs 21st Inf L plane adjusted A Btry on column of troops 8000 yds N of road junction in mountain pass.  At 1000 hrs B Btry displ to spt 3d Bn advancing N Sinwon-ni.  At 1600 hrs remainder of Bn followed and occupied psns 1 mi. S of Sinwon-ni.

19 October 1950

Bn moved into large school yard in Haeju.

20 October 1950

Retreat parade in Haeju.  Held another 22 Oct.

23 October 1950

Bn moved 110 mi. to rendezvous area 15 mi. N of Pyongyang, closing at 1800 hrs.

27 October 1950

Bn moved to new rendezvous area 1 mi. SW of Anju, closing at 1600 hrs.

29 October 1950

at 0940 hrs Bn moved to rendezvous area 12 mi. W of Pok chang to spt 21 IR driving toward Hiju on Yalu River.

30 October 1950

displ forward to psns 2 mi. E of Chongju.  Mission og 21 IR changed to spt. drive to Sinuju on coastal road.  21st RCT to pass through British Commonwealth Brigade after they occupy Chongju.

31 October 1950

2d Bn 21 IR jumped off shortly after dark with C Btry in spt. By 0200 hrs column had advanced to Kwakchon and met and destroyed strong tank supported resistance at 0700 hrs.  The 1st Bn passed thorugh 2d Bn and continued attack.  52nd FA leapfrogged batteries in spt of attack.  The column was in contact w/en 4 miles to W. of Sonchan.

1 November 1950

Bn displ from Sonchon to psns vic. Chanyon-gwan.  52nd FA reinf. by 90 FA Bn.  Three Yak fighters traffed column.  1st Bn in hard fire fight against en tanks.  Estuary of Yalu River visable from last high ground S. of Sinuju.  This was the end of the advance to the Yalu.

November/December 1950-January 1952

The following war diary for the 52nd Field Artillery documents the unit's withdrawal from the Yalu into South Korea and its participation in the Korean War during 1951.  It was compiled by Colonel (Ret.) Robert F. Hallahan, Forward Observer, Reconnaissance and Survey Officer, Assistant S-3 and CO Battery B, 52nd FA Battalion.  The document was submitted to the Korean War Educator by James Bolt, whose memoir can be found on the KWE's Memoirs page.



2 November 1950

Bn withdrew back to vic Chongju.  Word received that CCF forces had entered Korean War in mass.

3 November 1950

Bn displ again back to vic SE of Anju.

4 November 1950

Bn displ 4000 yds N to better spt 21st Inf. Regt.

5 November 1950

Bn displ to psns 6 mi. NE of Anju.  Fired on mortars and personnel.

6 November 1950

Fired 24 missions in spt 21 IR.

7 November 1950

En reported retreating W. and N.  Resistance light.

8 November 1950

No en activity.  Harassing missions fired.

9 November 1950

21st IR to Div. reserve.  52nd FA to reinforce 13th FA in DS 19th Inf. Regt. (19 IR)

10 November 1950

Bn placed in general support of 24th Div. Bn engaged in constn of road leading to main road leading S from Anju.

11 November 1950

Bn displ across Chongchon R. in vic Sosong-dong (3 mi. NW of Anju).

12 November 1950

Mission to DS 27th British Commonwealth Brigade.  B Btry 11th FA reinf. fires of 52nd FA.  Survey Officer (Lt. Hallahan) est. flash base.  LnO and FOs from 3d Bn sent to Australian Bn. LnO and FOs remained w/Argyle and Middlesex Bns.

13 November 1950

Bn displ to vic. Hagamsong-ni (4 mi. SE of Pakchon).  Resistance light.

14 November 1950

Continued DS Brits.  Weather cold (12 degrees)

15 November 1950

Middlesex and Australian Bns sent out patrols.  Natives report CCF were on E side of Chongchon River until 8 Oct when friendly air forced them out.

16 November 1950

Bn displ to 2000yds E of Pakchon.  No contact.

17 November 1950

Work parties maintained psns and main road N of Pakchon.

18 November 1950

Australian patrols made contact w/small en force NE of Pakchon.  Road work contd.

19 November 1950

C Btry displ to psn at Hanam-ni to spt Australian patrols.  Aussie Bn to enter area 1200 yds NW of Pakchon.  C Btry fired on group of 100 en in village of Taehung-dong w/excellent results.  En activity increased along entire front.

20 November 1950

Spt patrols.  Light en psns fired upon.

21 November 1950

Word rec'd that 17th Inf. Reg't, 7th US Inf Div reached Yalu River.

23 November 1950

Thanksgiving dinner enjoyed by all.

24 November 1950

Bn displ across river to psns 1200 yds E of Napchong-dong.  Gen MacArthur visited 24th Div. area to be present for initial phase of general push along entire front.  Bn in DS 21st IR.  We thought we would be home by Christmas.

25 November 1950

Bn displ at 1000 hrs to psns 2500 yds E of Chongju.  Resistance reported heavy in other sectors.

26 November 1950

21st IR patrols out.  Resistance light.  2d Rocket Btry atchd to Bn.

27 November 1950

Bn displ to rear vic Napchong-dong.  5th RCT reports 40th Chinese Army attack against 25th Div.  Also attack imminent between 5th RCT and 1st ROK Div.  Bn fired TOT mission on large en concentration.  2d Rocket Btry released.

28 November 1950

Bn displ to psns 2000 yds W of Pakchon.  21st IR to maintain bridgehead on W side of Chongchon River.  Bn Survey Officer (Lt. Hallahan) est. OP vic E Co 21 IR to take flash readings on AF bomber radar directed to target area.

29 November 1950

Recon made for psns 3000 yds SW of Suckchon.  Bn. displ 45 mi. to new psns at 0100 hrs, 30 Nov.

30 November 1950

Bn displ to new assembly area 5000 yds SE of Kang-dong.  Bridge at Su-ri cut requiring alternate assembly area.  Numerous CCF reported moving south and west.  24 Div. zone of responsibility on right flank of IX Corps (note: there were no friendly forces beyond that flank except Marines on East Coast)

1 December 1950

Bn passed through Pyongyang and moved 68 mi. to Siriwon-ni.

2 December 1950

Bn displ to firing psns covering 6 mi between Siriwon-ni and Yuli, DS 21st Inf. protecting Pyongyang-Seoul MSR to the east.

5 December 1950

A Btry displ to Sangchang-ni to spt. 2d Bn against guerilla attacks on MSR.  2d Bn broke road block 1 mi. S. of Sangchan-ni.  B Btry 11th FA into psn vic Siriwon-ni.  Hq moved from Yuli to Siriwon-ni near CO 21st Inf.

6 December 1950

2d Bn spt by A Btry repulsed attack by 400 en.

7 December 1950

Plans made for move to Uijongbu area.

8 December 1950

At 1330 hrs 52nd FA began move to vic Uijongbu.

9 December 1950

Bn bivouaced on S. bank of Imjin River.  At dawn 2 mounted NK cavalrymen were observed on N bank of river.  Bn moved to assembly area 10 mi NE of Uijongbu.

11 December 1950

Bn occupied firing psns vic Singi, S of 38th Parallel.  11th FA Bn attached to 52 FA Bn.

14 December 1950

Bn displaced to psns 1000 yds south.

15 December 1950

Recon party scouted psns along Han River.

18 December 1950

B Btry and 1 Howitzer from 17th FA moved into psn 1000 yds N of Bn to increase range.

23 December 1950

Lt. Gen. Walton H. Walker killed in accident on road to 19th Inf. to visit son Capt. Sam Walker.  Lt.Gen. Matthew B. Ridgeway to command of 8th Army.

28 December 1950

Recon for psns 8 mi. E of Uijongbu.

31 December 1950

Report from IX Corps to expect all out attack not later than 1 January.

1 January 1951

Attack that began on 31 Dec. still in progress.  Serious gap developed when 19th Inf fell 3000 yds behind MLR.  Bn displaced to 1000 yds NE of Uijongbu.

2 January 1951

Bn displ. to 7000 yds S of Uijongbu.

3 January 1951

Bn fired 3130 rds between 030530 and 031753.  Bn moved to assembly area south of Changji-ri.  21st Inf in IX Corps reserve mission to block S. of Al Jolson Bridge.

4 January 1951

Bn withdrew to 2 assembly areas between 4-5 Jan.

6 January 1951

Bn occupied firing psns 3000 S of Changwon-ni (CS 795056), GS reinforcing 13th FA.

12 January 1951

Bn displ to vic Hae-dong (CR 7595) near Yugu.

24 January 1951

Bn DS Domino (5th RCT)

26 January 1951

Bn DS 21st IR on Han River between Yogu and Yonghwa-dong.

29 January 1951

Bn 6000 yds W of Yogu.

1 February 1951

Bn 5 mi W of Yogu, DS 21 IR.

4 February 1951

Bn in psn N of Ichon.

6 February 1951

Strong counterattack against 3d Bn, 21 IR broken up.  Bn fired 3315 Rds.

21 February 1951

Bn moved to East bank of Han River.  Remained in psn until end of February.

1 March 1951

Bn DS 21 IR at CS 709427.

6 March 1951

Bn at CS 696475 spt 21 IR.

7 March 1951

Bn displ to CS 709494 spt. 21 IR in attack on Hill 1157.  Fired 4337 rounds in 24 hr. period.

8 March 1951

Bn displ. to four positions to CS 661835 through mountainopus terrain between 7 and 20 March.  Advanced generally along Route 17 Corridor.

9 March 1951

Bn reinforced 13 FA until 26 March.

27 March 1951

DS 21 IR in attack on Line Cairo vic. Kapyong.

28 March 1951

Bn crossed Pukhan River to CS 522560.

1 April 1951

Bn in psn at CS 675886 DS 21 IR.  Bn ordered to move W into I Corps zone.  Displ to CS 572695.

4 April 1951

Bn displ N in five successive moves between 4 and 20 April to vic. Line Utah.  Attack toward objective at Kumwah.

11 April 1951

General MacArthur fired by Truman.  Lt. Gen. James Van Fleet succeeds Gen. Ridgeway as CG 8th Army.

20 April 1951

21 IR relieved by 5th RCT.  Bn GS reinforcing fires of 555 FA Bn.

22 April 1951

Massive Chinese offensive begins.  Forward Observers of 555 FA had two battalions answering calls for fire on their firing channels.

23 April 1951

Bn fired 7006 rds in two days.  In next four days, Bn displaced south four times.  21 IR delayed along Route 3A and then Route 17.

25 April 1951

21 IR withdrew to Line Delta.  5th RCT and 555 FA caught in roadblock about one hour after 52 FA passed through.  555 FA lost 11 howitzers, over 60 vehicles and more than 100 killed, missing or wounded.

28 April 1951

Bn crossed Pukhan River at CS 522560.  Light en. contact.  CCF offensive ended.  21 IR on Phase Line No Name.

1 May 1951

Bn remained in psn until 20 May.  21IR strengthened defensive psns.  Attack on 16 May repulsed with heavy en losses.

1 May 1951

21 IR attacked N, 48 mile march along Route 17 corridor to Kapyong.  213 FA reinf. fires of 52 FA.

27 May 1951

17 IR, l7th Inf. Div. on east of Pukhan River and 21 IR on west bank surrounded a large Chinese force in a pincer movement near Chiam-ni below Line Kansas.  Strong night attacks against 21 IR medics and hq elements repulsed with illumination from 11 FA and fire from 52 FA at range under 2000 ydes.  Estimated 200 KIA, 250 WIA and 450 en captured.  Nearly 3800 CCF troops finally captured.  During the next several days artillery and air strikes pounded en forces attempting to escape north.

1 June 1951

During the month the 52 FA moved forward to four psn areas, a total of 36 Mi.  On 1 June. Bn moved from Otan-ni DS 21 IR on Phase Line Virginia.

5 June 1951

21 IR went into reserve.  52 FA moved to 1000 yds NE of Hwachon to reinforce fires of 27 ROK FA Bn, 6 ROK Inf. Div.

21 June 1951

21 IR back on line to replace 17th IR, 7th Inf Div.  52 FA took over psns of 49th FA, 7th Inf Div.  Bn remained in this psn near Hahoengchon (CT 836301) until end June, with plans to spt. 21 IR in advance to Line Kansas.

1 July 1951

Bn remained in psn approximately 12 mi. N of Hwachon, inside the famous Iron Triangle during July.  Extensive training to replace experienced personnel lost to rotation.  On 31 July, 52 FA authorized additional LnO and three FO teams to spt. Columbian Bn, atch to 21 IR.

10 July 1951

Negotiations for a cease fire commence at Kaesong.

1 August 1951

Bn in same psn DS 21 IR on Line Wyoming.

6 August 1951

24th Inf Div went into reserve.  52 FA reverted to GS reinforcing fires of ROK 27th FA Bn.  52 FA displaced, to psn at Myongsomi-dong (CT 903240).  B Btyry won command inspection held 20-21 Aug.

1 September 1951

Bn remained in psn near Myongsomi-dong for entire month.  A and B Batteries moved 2500 yds N to better spt fires of 27th ROK FA Bn, 6th ROK Inf. Div.

4 October 1951

Bn moved from CT 903241 to CT 849333.  GS IX Corps reinf. fires of 7th Inf. Div. Arty.

6 October 1951

DS 21 IR.

13 October 1951

21 IR atk Hill 569.  Beginning of UN Offensive.

15 October 1951

Bn displ to Kobincok (CT 765364).  Bn displaced three times in rapid succession 15-21 Oct.  Bn lost two new Forward Observers KIA on 15 and 16 Oct.

22 October 1951

21 IR on forward defensive psns just S of Kumsong.  Bn at CT 790434 on 31 Oct.  A Flash Base was established overlooking Kumsong, using two OPs of the 21 IR.

1 November 1951

Bn remained in psn during month.  Firing batteries displ. 1000 yds N to better spt. 21 IR on line.  PFC Donald F. Wessel last man in 52 FA KIA when flash base OP overrun.

1 December 1951

Bn remained in same psn for entire month.  DS 21 IR on defensive line below Kumsong.

1 January 1952

Bn in same psn.  On 28 Jan. Bn ordered to move to "Tent City" in preparation for shipment to Camp Youngens, Japan.  The end of 52 FA combat operations in Korea.

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