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936th Field Artillery Battalion

The 936th was called to active duty on August 21, 1950. The unit was on a two week summer training camp at Camp Joseph t. Robinson, Little Rock, Arkansas when the activation order was received. The call-up was a result of the armed invasion of South Korea by North Korea on June 25, 1950--for reasons that still remain somewhat unclear. President Harry S. Truman decided to defend South Korea.

The call to active duty had a major impact on Northwest Arkansas as over 400 men answered the call. Units of the Battalion were located as follows:

Headquarters Battery Fayetteville
"A" Battery Bentonville
"B" Battery Berryville
"C" Battery Rogers
Service Battery Harrison
Medical Detachment Fayetteville

The unit moved to Camp Carson, Colorado for a few months additional training then shipped out to Korea, arriving in February 1951. Most members spent approximately 12 months in Korea and were then rotated back to the States. The Unit was known as the "shootenest non-salutenest" outfit in the Army. The 936th was rated one of the best artillery units in the Korean War because over 50% of its members had prior military service. Also, several of the officers had World War II artillery experience.

The 936th FA Battalion has a Memorial Board and Monument in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Allen L. "Sonny" Dunn built both. Dunn, a retired personnel technician with the Arkansas National Guard, is a well-known custom furniture builder. He served with the battalion in Korea during the Korean War. The Memorial Board Honor Roll contains the names of 230 deceased former members of the battalion. Dunn updates it with the name of each new deceased member. The Monument contains the names of 112 men from HQ and HQ Battery called to active duty on August 21, 1950. They served in Korea during the war.


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