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Army National Guard Units that Served in Korea

This list of Army National Guard units that served in Korea was taken from Appendix A of the booklet, When Are We Going? The Army National Guard and the Korean War, 1950-53, authored by Renee Hylton. This excellent booklet is available free of charge by writing: National Guard Bureau (PA), 1411 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 11200, Arlington, VA 22202-3231. The booklet is filled with excellent material and graphics, and comes highly recommended to Korean War Army National Guard veterans by The Korean War Educator.  One detail about the 30th Ordnance Battalion was changed by the Korean War Educator and, as it appears below, is no longer original to the book.  On page 48, the book states that the 30th Ordnance was from North Carolina.  However, CPT Art Roscoe of the 119th Corps Support Battalion was doing some historical research and came across the reference on the KWE.  We appreciate the fact that he notified us about the incorrect state listing.  The error wasn't the KWE's, but we are happy that Art caught it.  We subsequently changed the 30th's listing to reflect the correct information.

State Federalized Arrived in Korea
30th Ordnance Bn Hq & Hq Det.  NJ 14-Aug-51 21-Mar-51
32nd Ordnance Bn Hq & Hq Det. IL 19-Aug-51 10-Jul-51
32nd Quartermaster Gp, Hq & Hq Co PA 11-Sep-50 17-Feb-52
40th Infantry Division* CA 1-Sep-50 11-Jan-52
45th Infantry Division* OK 1-Sep-50 5-Dec-51
65th Infantry Regiment PR (Regular Army; later ARNG)
101st Signal Battalion NY 19-Aug-50 7-Apr-51
106th 106th Ordnance (H) Maint Co  MO 9-Aug-50 26-Mar-51
107th Ordnance (M) Maint Co  MI 9-Aug-50 9-Mar-51
107th Transportation Truck Co AL 9-Aug-50 8-Jan-51
116th Engineer Combat Battalion AL 2-Sep-30 28-Feb-51
121st Transportation Truck Co. PA 19-Aug-50 4-Jan-51
131st Transportation Truck Co PA 19-Aug-50 1-Jan-51
138th Engineer Pontoon Bridge Co. MS 14-Aug-50 1-Jan-51
145th Field Artillery Battalion UT 3-Sep-50 5-Dec-51
151st Engineer Combat Battalion AL 14-Aug-50 9-Feb-51
167th Trans Truck Bn, Hq & Hq Det. PA 9-Aug-50 1-Jan-51
176th Armored Field Artillery Bn PA 19-Aug-50 17-Feb-51
194th Engineer Combat Battalion TN 19-Aug-50 16-Feb-51
196th Field Artillery Battalion TN 19-Aug-50 9-Feb-51
204th Field Artillery Battalion UT 19-Aug-50 2-Feb-51
213th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Bn. PA 19-Aug-50 11-Nov-51
213th Armored Field Artillery Bn UT 19-Aug-50 16-Feb-51
217th Medical Collecting Company AR 19-Aug-50 4-May-51
227th AAA Group, Hq & Hq Btry FL 15-May-51 21-Mar-52
231st Trans Truck Bn, Hq & Hq Det MD 19-Aug-50 1-Jan-51
235th FA Observation Bn PA 1-Sep-50 10-Dec-52
252nd Transportation Truck Co. AL 19-Aug-50 1-Jan-51
300th Armored Field Artillery Bn WY 19-Aug-50 16-Feb-51
378th Engineer Combat Bn NC 14-Aug-50 24-Feb-51
568th Ordnance (H) Maintenance Co TN 14-Aug-50 19-Mar-51
623rd Field Artillery Battalion KY 1-Sep-50 23-Dec-51
715th Transportation Truck Company DC 14-Aug-50 5-Jan-51
726th Transportation Truck Company MD 19-Aug-50 31-Dec-50
773rd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Bn NY 1-May-51 18-Oct-52
936th Field Artillery Battalion AR 19-Aug-50 10-Feb-51
937th Field Artillery Battalion AR 19-Aug-50 10-Feb-51
955th Field Artillery Battalion NY 19-Aug-50 2-Feb-51
987th Armored Field Artillery Bn OH 14-Aug-50 16-Feb-51
1092nd Engineer Combat Bn WV 19-Aug-50 3-Mar-51
1169th Engineer Gp, Hq & Hq Co. AL 14-Aug-50 28-Feb-51
1343rd Engineer Combat Battalion AL 14-Aug-50 9-Feb-51
1437th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co. MI 14-Aug-50 2-Mar-51
2998th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co. TN 19-Aug-50 27-Feb-51

*First divisional elements arrive in Korea.
Note: Two ARNG infantry divisions, the 28th (PA) and43D (RI and CT), deployed to Germany after Federalization.


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