Korean War Casualty Information

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British Marines Casualty Roster - 41st Independent Commandos

Captain RN Parkinson- Cumine MC RM
Surgeon Lt DA Knock MB BS RN
Lieutenant JG Harwood RM
Sergeant CE Barnes
A/Sergeant RG Davies RM
Corporal PB Babb RM
Corporal CRB Bill RM
Corporal JE Belsey RM
Corporal R Southworth RM
Corporal CE Trott RM
L/SBA D Raines RN
Marine G Ahearne RM
Marine AJ Aldrich RM
Marine E Garner RM
Marine JL Graham RM
Marine LA Heard RM
Marine SEH Hills RM
Marine KD Hitchman RM
Marine WLJ Jauncey RM
Marine PR Jones RM
Marine H Melling RM
Marine J McCourt RM
Marine RJ Needs RM
Marine R Nichols RM
Marine S Skelton RM
Marine E Strain RM
Marine DW Stray RM
Marine WA Walker RM
Marine R Wooldridge RM
Marine K Wyeth RM

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