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Coschocton Train Wreck Casualties

On September 11, 1950, a troop train filled with activated National Guardsmen left the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area, heading west for training in Indiana. PX5444 West was hit from the rear by the Spirit of St. Louis near Coshocton, Ohio. The result was a gory train wreck scene and scores of dead and wounded. Following is the roster of dead, and a partial roster of the wounded.

Roster of Casualties – Coshocton Train Wreck

Wilkes-Barre, PA Soldiers Killed:
Disbrow, William R. - Service Battery
Edwards, Sgt. William C. - Service Battery
Fletcher, Cpl. Joseph E. - Service Battery
Hornlein, Pfc. Martin - Battery B
Jackson, Pfc. Ronald J. - Battery B
Kuehn, Lester J. - Battery B
Okrasinski, Sgt. Bernard S. - Battery B
Ostrazewski, Cpl. Thomas M. - Service Battery
Royer, Recruit Richard A. - Battery B
Sobers, Recruit William F. - Battery B
Tierney, Pvt. William F. - Service Battery
Wharton, Sgt. Gilbert B. - Battery B
Zieker, Pfc. Donald C. - Battery B

Kingston, PA Soldiers Killed:
Harding, Pfc. Clyde - Battery B
Ludwig, Pvt. Wallace R. - Service Battery
Thomas, Capt. Arthur J. - Service Battery
Wallace, Recruit Thomas W. - Service Battery
Wellington, W.O. William M. - Battery B

Surrounding Communities Soldiers Killed:
Armbruster, Cpl. Carl - Plains, PA - Service Battery
Balonis, Pfc. Leonard - Plains, PA - Battery B
Barna, Corp. John L., Plains, PA - Service Battery
Carr, Recruit Eugene - Larksville - Battery B
Cox, Sgt. John W. - E. Plymouth, PA - Battery B
Dougherty, Recruit William J. - Larksville - - Battery B
Fargus, Recruit Hugh L. - Plymouth, PA - Battery B
Gallagher, Pfc. E.W. - West Wyoming, PA - Service Battery
Handlos, Pfc. Harold - Larksville, PA - Battery B
Luzinski, Cpl. Larry - Trucksville, PA - Battery B
Martinez, Recruit Frank C. - Bronx, NY - Battery B
McGinley, James F. - Exeter, PA - Service Battery
Norton, Recruit Charles - Hanover Township - Battery B
Pudlowski, Pfc. Raymond - Hudson, PA - Battery B
Zabicki, Pfc. Edmund F. - Edwardsville - Battery B

Among the Wounded (there were 67 injured-not all listed below):
Compton, Cpl. Louis
Bilski, Pfc. Edward - Wilkes-Barre
Brannan, Capt. Francis R. - Battery B
Compton, Corp. Lewis A.
Daubert, Cpl. Dal - Kingston
Daubert, Pfc. Dean
Davis, Pfc. Thomas - Waymark
Dimirco, Pfc. Joseph
Dougherty, Pfc. John J. - Larksville
Edwards, 2nd Lt. Merle - Forty Fort
Fisher, Cpl. Francis D. - Larksville
Flecknoe, Cpl. Leonard - Wilkes-Barre
Foriet, Pfc. Donald
Gallagher, Pfc. Thomas
Giampa, Cpl. Arthur - Wilkes-Barre
Gulius, Cpl. Cyril G. - Hudson
Hall, Pfc. William
Hawke, Pfc. Fred D. - Edwardsville
Holbert, Cpl. James W. - Honesdale
Iyoob, Sgt. Ferdinand - Chinchille
Kudrak, Sgt. Joseph J. - West Pittston
Marshall, Cpl. Nicholas - Alden Station
Martinez, Recruit Ramon
Metzger, Cpl. Carl O. - Shavertown
Mishkell, Sgt. Kenneth - Wilkes-Barre
O’Connell, Cpl. Timothy - Honesdale
Phillips, Lt. Earl W. - Dallas
Quarequio, Pvt. Francis X. - Dallas
Roberts, Sgt. Lawrence D. - Scranton
Roberts, M/Sgt. Robert
Rooper, Cpl. John D. - Wilkes-Barre
Rowles, Pfc. Robert - Ashley
Sampson, Cpl. James - Wilkes-Barre
Sauerwine, Pvt. James - Wilkes-Barre
Schell, Pvt. Robert H. - Wilkes-Barre
Shortz, Capt. Robert - Dallas
Simonson, John - Wilkes-Barre
Talmadge, Sgt. Raymond - Wilkes-Barre
Thompson, Cpl. Robert J. - Forty Fort
Towh, Pfc. Frank - Wilkes-Barre
Vimishkel, Sgt. Kenneth - Wilkes-Barre
Walkoviak, Cpl. Leonard J. - Plains
Williams, Pfc. Albert - Wilkes-Barre
Yanck, Sgt. George
Yesirvida, Pfc. William - Wilkes-Barre


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