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Casualties Discrepancies on the Department of Defense Casualty List

Occasionally researchers discover that a Korean War casualty was inadvertently left off the Department of Defense online casualty listings.  Sometimes information on the listing is incorrect. Please note the discrepancies that are listed below.

Pressler, Robert

The record on Robert Pressler is a bit difficult to understand. The list (as it comes from DoD database) states:

Pressler, Robert H.  (RA33114359) was KIA on 1950/08/11. His unit is listed as 55th QM Dep Base HqHq Co.

To better understand what his unit was, here is the DSC citation he received for his actions that day:

*Pressler, Robert H.

The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Robert H. Pressler (RA33114359), Sergeant, U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy of the United Nations while serving with 8066th Mechanized Reconnaissance Platoon attached to the 89th Medium Tank Battalion, 29th Regimental Combat Team, 24th Infantry Division. Sergeant Pressler distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in action against enemy aggressor forces near Chinju, Korea, on 11 August 1950. Sergeant Pressler was assigned duty as the driver of a gasoline truck refueling tanks for the 89th Medium Tank Battalion in the front lines. On arriving at the front lines, Sergeant Pressler learned of a tank which had ran out of gas behind enemy lines and, accompanied by a small squad of infantry in a truck, went forward into enemy territory. During the advance the small convoy was ambushed by two hundred enemy. During the firefight which followed, Sergeant Pressler ordered the rest of the men to leave and remained in his position, placing accurate fire on the enemy, which delayed their advance, enabling the rest of the men to withdraw. During this action Sergeant Pressler was killed in action.

Headquarters, Eighth U.S. Army, Korea: General Orders No. 68 (September 15, 1950)
Home Town: Prince Georges, Maryland

[KWE Note: Discrepancy submitted by researcher Merry Helm.]

Watkins, Jack E.

GO 72, 17 Jan 1951, lists MSG Jack E Watkins, RA18244513, Co C, 5th RCT, as KIA on 2 Nov 1950. He is not on any of the online casualty lists. I have added him to mine, along with the Silver Star he received for actions that day.  I sure hope he was included at the Korean War Monument. - Merry Helm

"Master Sergeant Jack E Watkins, RA 18244513, Infantry, U.S. Army, a member of Company C, 5th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division distinguished himself by courageous action near Kunu-ri, Korea on 3 November 1950. During an attack on enemy high ground positions the platoon on his flank was pinned down by intense machine gun and automatic weapons fire. Seeing that the entire attack was being disorganized by this fire, he left his position of relative safety and made his way, through a hail of withering fire, in an attempt to rally the beleaguered troops. Taking command in an attempt to eliminate the source of the enemy's fire. While proceeding up a small draw the squad was ambushed by a large enemy force and in the ensuing fire fight Sergeant Watkins was killed. His courageous actions, unhesitant devotion to duty and exemplary leadership reflect the greatest credit on himself and the United States Infantry. Entered military service from Sherman, Texas."

[KWE Note: Watkins is apparently listed in the NARA records, attributed to the 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th ID, but his Silver Star citation lists him with a different division.  Discrepancy submitted by researcher Merry Helm.]



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