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War Correspondents killed in Korea June 25-December 25, 1950*

  • Christopher Buckley - London Daily Telegraph
  • Frank Emery - International News Service
  • Albert Hinton - Norfolk (VA) Journal & Guide
  • Ken Inouye - Telenews (Affiliate of INS)
  • William R. Moore - Associated Press
  • Ian Morrison - The (London) Times
  • Ernie Peeler, Corporal, US Army - Stars & Stripes
  • Ray Richards - International News Service
  • Charles D. Rosecrans, Jr. - International News Service
  • Stephen Simmons - Hulton Press, London
  • James O. Supple - Chicago Sun Times
*Source: page 476, Battle Report: The War in Korea by Capt. Walter Karig, Commander Malcolm W. Cagle, and Lt. Commander Frank A. Manson.

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