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Women Casualties of the Korean War

There were some 120,000 women in the United States who were on active duty during the Korean War. Most of the women who served in Korea were nurses. Females also served in support units in Japan and other Far East countries during the war.

Women military personnel killed in the Far East during the Korean war include the following.  All were nurses, and all but one were killed in airplane accidents.  Lt. Wilma Ledbetter died in the sinking of the USS Benevolence off the coast of San Francisco.  To learn more about each of these women, visit the KWE's Women in Korea Topics page.

Navy Nurse Corps

  • Beste, Ensign Eleanor
  • Boatman, Ensign Marie
  • Clarke, Lt. Jg. Jeanne E.
  • Eldridge, Lt. Jg. Jane L.
  • Esposito, Ensign Constance R.
  • Giroux, Lt. Jg. Alice S.
  • Goodwin, Lt. Jg. Calla C.
  • Heege, Lt. Jg. Constance
  • Kennedy, Lt. JG. Margaret Grace
  • Ledbetter, Lt. Wilma
  • Lijegreen, Ensign Mary E.
  • Rundell, Ensign Edna J.

Army Nurse Corps

  • Smith, Major Genevieve

Air Force Nurse Corps

  • Brown, Capt. Vera M.

Other Women Killed in Non-Hostile Deaths

  • McClure, AN Virginia May of Sioux City (Air Force - air crash)
  • Perry, AN Margaret Fae of Morgantown (Air Force - air crash)
  • Sullivan, Clara "Sully" of Ballston Spa, New York (Mrs. Donald Varner Drake - air crash) (nurse)

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