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The great body of combat statistical data available from the United States Army experience in Korea represents the complete spectrum of unit combat operations in the field. From the division and Army troops to small unit actions from fortified lines, Korea provides the planner with a concentrated background of factual information. Some of the data presented here are revisions of material previously published by the author in The Surgeon General's monthly report, Health of The Army, and the material on tactical action was previously presented as a monograph. These data have been assembled with the planner in mind, based on a knowledge of material considered essential by Systems Analysts engaged in combat development, war-gaming, weapons evaluation, medico logistical problems, and in medical research concerning battle casualties.

Part of the discussion involves historical background necessary to present whatever qualification is required. However, this is by no means a history of the United States Army in Korea. This volume is a compilation of medical statistical data in detail of division versus non-division comparisons, designed for applications in operations research and systems analysis. Although written for the medical planner, whose duties require the estimation of casualties or planning for their evacuation and hospitalization, it should also be of interest to the military surgeon by providing information on the nature of traumatisms, their causative agents, and surgical operations required.

During most of the time this material was being assembled, Mr. Eugene L. Hamilton (since retired) was Director of The U.S. Army Medical Statistics Agency, and was largely responsible for the progress of this endeavor. The material presented here is somewhat of an extension and reflection of earlier work undertaken in assisting Gilbert W. Beebe, Ph. D., and Michael E. DeBakey, M.D., in preparing similar material for their book Battle Casualties (Charles C Thomas, Publisher, 1952). The stimulus provided by Dr. Beebe, 20 years ago, is largely responsible for the production of this volume. COL William J. Foulk and MAJ Ruben F. Fechner, Force Development Division, Plans, Supply and Operations, encouraged the development and provided the necessary impetus for making this material available to planners throughout the U.S. Army. CPT William W. White reviewed the sections on Estimating Bed Requirements through appendix A and made many valuable suggestions. Mrs. Neva C. Stiles performed the many computations for rates and did much to insure the accuracy of these data. Mrs. Lois Aldridge, War Records Center, National Archives, located the innumerable documents for every day each unit was in Korea during the period of the war. Miss Lillian B. Smith interpreted the many tabulations of World War II and Korean War data; she and Mrs. Miriam T. Whitehead located and furnished much of the basic statistical data. Mrs. Mary J. Dolphin designed the format of all tabular material. Mrs. Doretha Elmore typed the tables and Miss Deborah T. Collier and Mrs. Lorraine P. Stroman typed the manuscript. Mr. Edward L. Lane, Graphic Arts Section, Publications Branch, prepared the statistical charts. In The Historical Unit, U.S. Army Medical Department, Mrs. Martha R. Stephens, Editor of the Editorial Branch, performed the final publications editing, and Mrs. Hazel G. Hine, Chief of the Administrative Branch, supervised the final typing of the manuscript.



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