Army – Medical Hierarchy in Korea

Information supplied by Harold Selley, Port Charlotte, FL
Korean War Collecting Station Medic
(Korea July 1950-June 1951)

Medical companies included commissioned officers, NCOs, medics, and litter bearers and ambulance drivers. (Litter bearers and ambulance drivers did not treat patients.) These personnel were then distributed to various regiments and then to companies within the regiments.

Commissioned Officers

  • Medical doctors
  • Medical Service Corps (MSC officers were not doctors. They saw to the daily operations and supplies, but were not tending patients.)

Non-Commissioned Officers

  • 1st Sgt - over all 240 medics in a regimental medical company
  • Sgt - in charge of all aid stations (3 aid stations per regiment)

Regimental medical company = 240 medics

There were 3 regiments per division and three battalions in an infantry regiment. Each company in a regiment had 4 medics = 1 medic per 15-man platoon

Order of care of wounded from battle site to hospital:

  1. Wounded are treated by an aid man at the company level.
  2. Wounded removed to battalion aid station on battalion level.
  3. Wounded taken to collecting station (received all patients from the three aid stations in the regiment).
  4. Wounded taken to clearing station (on the division level in the rear. Had wards. Could return guys to action or send them on to a MASH or straight to Japan.
  5. Wounded taken to a MASH or on to the general hospital in Japan.


  • In-country: Medical Field Service School (MFSS), Ft. Sam Houston, TX
  • Out-of-country: Medical Department Technician School (MDTS), Osaka, Japan

Both offered the following courses:

  • Surgical Technician School - 2 months
  • Medical Technician School - 2 months
  • X-ray Technician School - 4 months
  • Pharmacy Technician School - 4 months
  • Medical Technology School (work in labs) - 4 months

The above courses included classroom training and field training and took place after Basics.

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