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712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion

Welcome to the 712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion

Served during:

World War II in France and Germany from 1943 to 1945
Korean War in Korea from 1950 to 1954


If you served with the 712th TROB or other railroad related outfits we would encourage you to join our organization and partake of the good fellowship we enjoy during the various reunions and functions we sponsor throughout the year. We have a national annual reunion in the fall, and a regional luncheon in N/W PA. The main reunion is a three or four day affair consisting of local sight seeing tours, a business meeting and final night Banquet. These functions, along with Hospitality Rooms for rehashing "war stories", have made for some very memorable reunions! Spouses, widows of members, relatives and friends are also most welcome to attend the reunions. We publish a 4 page newsletter, MAIL CALL, quarterly, and annual Directory of all known members, with names, addresses, and other pertinent data. We have no dues, depending upon volunteer contributions to meet the costs of printing and postage for our mailings. In addition to 712th members our roster also includes veterans from the 714th TROB, 724th TROB, 3rd TMRS, 765th TRSB, 756th TRSB, 593rd, 1205th Reserve Unit, and 772nd MPs.

Brief History

The 712th was a vital link in the successful conduct in both wars, serving as a part of the most effective method for transportation of men and materials to the front lines. During WWII , the 712th, sponsored by the Central RR of NJ and the Reading RR, was activated 25 October 1943, embarked on 6 April 1944 for England and thence to France and Germany. For the Korean War, the 712th had been a reserve component sponsored by the Reading Railroad. It was called to active duty in the summer of 1950 and activated on 3 September at Ft Eustis, Va. with a cadre of 76 officers and enlisted men with railroad operating experience. After filling in the ranks with inactive reserves the outfit left for Korea in early December. C Company flew over to set up camp at Sindong, Korea while the rest of the battalion traveled by ship (The USS General M M Patrick) and learned a little about railroading , arriving 3 January 1951. For the most part the 712th operated the Korean Nation Railroad, with Korean nationals as train engineers in the early days, from Taejon north to the front lines. RTOs (Rail Transit Offices) were set up at most stations to insure consistent train movement. Battalion Headquarters and dispatching operation were conducted from Yongdungpo, a suburb of Seoul. The battalion received a Meritorious Unit Commendation for its handling of troops at various critical times in the war. In one instance an entire army division was successfully moved overnight to a different sector of the front lines, quite a feat with the antiquated equipment!

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712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion Membership Application

Apply today and we will mail you our latest issue of MAIL CALL and the current Directory

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Robert G Shannon, Sec/Treas
712th TROB
17 Sandpiper Dr
Whispering Pines, NC 28327-9393


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