Tuscola Review, Tuscola, IL

October 19, 1999



To the editor:


I have followed accounts of the Nogun-ri incident, as reported by Newsweek and the Associated Press, and including eyewitness statements by American soldiers who were there.  Having done so, and having read more recent accounts of American soldiers having blown up bridges crammed with harmless civilians, I cannot imagine that anyone could come up with any other conclusion but that we murdered them. 

    I had intended to write an excessively long letter about this, but decided that it wasn’t worth my time.  The facts are clear.  We can lie about it, or we can face up to it.


Paul Wisovaty



[Note from The Korean War Educator:  Paul Wisovaty served in Vietnam with the 3rd squadron, 5th U.S. Armored Regiment, 9th Infantry Division.  This man, who has concluded that Korean War veterans committed "murder" at Nogun-ri, serves (2000-2002 term) as the treasurer of a group in Illinois purporting to raise funds to build a national museum to honor Korean War veterans.]