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Earl Carson Poetry

Earl Carson (Lynnwood, Washington) served in the Korean War from September 15, 1950 to November 1951, in C Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division FMF. According to Earl, most of his poetry was written to honor and remember combat vets generally, but some of it also reflects his views of "Clinton’s legacy of draft-dodging, flag-burning, support of the Soviet Union, anti-American actions and beliefs, and his hatred for the military generally." The poems were written from the perspective of a Korean War combat Marine.

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Marines... The Brave, The Few

Rifle squads are on patrol,
Though few remain alive;
In unity they fight as one,
For common goals they strive.

It's humid, and a blazing sun,
Is brutal in its touch;
A God, a home, a land they love,
Prompts them to risk so much.

Exploding shells and shattered trees,
A sound like Hell's refrain;
What they have seen so much before,
Is happening again.

The training they received in boot,
Has hammered out the rough;
The point man's hit, but rifle sights
Avenge him soon enough.

It's "saddle up, move out Marines!"
There isn't any doubt,
They will prevail as in the past,
They know war inside out.

The foe has thrown his gauntlet down
And chosen this his lot;
Outnumbered, still Marines respond,
The price regretting not.

The sounds of war are quiet now
A hilltop has been bought;
Can those at home know what they feared?
How fiercely they have fought?

Continue on, U.S. Marines,
Reload, regroup, renew;
Death is silent, always near
To those, "The Brave, The Few."

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A New Home
(copyright by Earl Carson)

Some shrapnel just knocked down a buddy of mine,
Tore a big, gaping hole in his chest;
His unfocused eyes are wide open and glazed,
No more will he face wartime’s test.

I can’t shield your eyes from that sun, my friend,
Or cushion your head from the ground;
Must fire my rifle while ammo holds out,
There are enemy troops all around.

You’re trying to speak with a half-hearted smile,
And it brings floods of tears to my eye;
For God only knows I can’t listen or help,
I must fire this rifle, or die.

We teamed up as buddies in boot camp, my friend,
We marched through the day and the night;
Then shipped out together to take on this job,
Wound up in one hell of a fight.

What will I say to your children back home,
And how can I talk to your wife?
What can I do for your mother and dad,
When I tell them how you lost your life?

Must cancel these thoughts for a while, my friend
And fight for this ground we are on;
For I can’t leave you here for the enemy troops,
I must carry you out when they’re gone.

Incoming rounds shake the ground, Dear God,
And shrapnel screams loud through the air;
And I must rely on my faith in the Lord,
For, without Him it’s too much to bear.

So, rest now in peace, and I promise, my friend,
I’ll see you get back ‘cross the foam;
And say "Adios" to you there and then,
Then in Heaven, you’ll find a new home.

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Lest We Forget
(copyright by Earl Carson)

Some restless nights I lie awake,
To gaze at stark, black skies;
And there a vision comes quite clear,
Before it fades and dies;
Dark shadows from a haunting past,
Appear before my eyes.

I see a group of heroes, dead,
With soundless steps appear;
And what their silence can’t withhold,
Their tortured looks make clear;
Their clothes are stained and soaked with blood,
And eyes express great fear.

They are the lost, forgotten men,
Who went through wartime’s pain;
And now they come to tell the world,
This country’s gone insane.
Since people vote for evil men,
They’ve lost their lives in vain.

Their legion grew with every war,
But more will join this band;
As U.N. conflicts take more lives,
For Clinton’s "one-world" stand.
And brain-dead voters still support,
Those traitors in command.

In D.C., treason reigns supreme,
Draft-dodgers pull our string;
They take away our liberties,
And every sacred thing.
They pledge allegiance to our foes,
With payoffs from Beijing.

So those who fought our nation’s wars,
and formed this country great;
Appear again to tell us all,
The time has grown too late.
To rectify the voter’s sins,
Now, we shall meet our fate.

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Liberty Lost
(copyright by Earl Carson)

Our combat vets defended us, and proudly they did serve,
They paid the dues our country asked, in order to preserve;
This land of hope and liberty, from which our freedoms sprung,
And helped to shape its history, back then when they were young.

They felt that through their suffering, and by the grace of God,
The home folks need not walk the paths their bloody feet have trod;
To learn first hand the lessons wartime’s terrors can express,
Or have to deal with governments that evil men profess.

But freedom calls for vigilance, for on our hallowed ground,
Dwell evil men in politics, and traitors all abound;
These tyrants are not limited to far-off distant shore,
Ensconced in D.C.’s marble halls, there lurk so many more.

It’s not the ones who fought our wars who put those traitors there,
But those who stayed so safely home, and simply didn’t care;
They mocked the wounded and the dead, who fought to keep us free,
By sending those most evil men to Washington, D.C.

Then, sixties-style leftist types, who loathe our fighting men,
All turned their backs upon our flag to dodge the draft, and then;
They greeted our returning vets by spitting in their face,
And voted evil men to power, to add to the disgrace.

Since service men risked life and limb to save the whole world’s bets,
The ones who shirked their duties are disgusting to these vets;
And traitors weren’t elected by the men who sacrifice,
But by the brain-dead socialists, who never paid the price.

In spite of wars for liberty, and all those tears and strife,
Of death and pain, and hardship to defend a way of life;
Still thieves and liars, and their ilk, in pompous comfort dwell,
Concerned with power and with self, they’d sell our land to hell.

Like flies upon a garbage heap, these traitors foul our land,
Their treasonous agenda is all they understand;
For those who rule in Washington abandoned and betrayed,
Our country and their sacred oath, as Chinese funds were paid.

And now our nation rots within, our freedoms are no more,
An evil sickness fouls our land just like an open sore;
Attracting germs and viruses, as anyone can see,
For still, this sickness threatens us, from Washington, D.C.

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They Didn’t Give a Damn
(copyright by Earl Carson)

Those unwashed sixties hippie types loved freedoms in their life,
All gained by others’ sacrifice, with blood, and death, and strife;
But when their country asked for help – when it was in a jam,
They ran away to dodge the draft, and didn’t give a damn!

They cared not for our noble past; those generations who,
Displayed contempt for fighting men, and founding fathers too;
they called our nation’s history a massive, right-wing sham,
And showed our country disrespect. They didn’t give a damn!

They opened up their leftist mouths, and commie hype came out,
For socialistic tyranny is what they’re all about;
They gained elected office through some lying, Marxist scam,
To take our country’s freedoms, for they didn’t give a damn!

They waved the banners of our foes; held riots in the street,
Burned draft cards and our Stars and Stripes, and worked for our defeat;
They pledged allegiance to the flag of bloody North Vietnam,
The sixties generation that didn’t give a damn!

They spouted views of Chairman Mao, and served his cause quite well,
Their works are of the Antichrist. Their souls have roots in hell;
They tried to change us all to fit some foreign diagram,
Those G.I.-hating sixties types, who didn’t give a damn.

They’re unfit to share the blessings of our patriotic best,
And since they’ve chosen tyranny, they’ve failed Heaven’s test;
So when their lives are over, and they take that last exam,
They’ll graduate to hell, because they didn’t give a damn!

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The Colors
(copyright by Earl Carson)

Its stripes of red would paint the sky, for everyone to see,
With stars of white on field of blue, it mirrored liberty;
And told its story to the world - of people brave and free.

It spoke of battles we have won, where fighting men depart,
To meet the foe on foreign soil, in wars we didn’t start;
And how it brought them confidence, and courage to their heart.

It graced the marching honor guards, to head up the parade,
And followed men to hell and back, when wartime’s debts were paid;
Then hovered half-staff over graves where combat dead were laid.

It once stood for a land of patriots tried and true,
Who’d rather die than disrespect the red, the white and blue;
And always rose to honor our Old Glory when it flew.

But later generations snub our nation’s flag today,
At football games and in parades, they look the other way;
Old Glory now is much ignored, as patriots pass away.

Then brain-dead types brought Clinton in, a guy who proudly spurned,
Our nation and its sacred flag, and then so unconcerned;
In front of Moscow’s citizens, the Stars and Stripes he burned.

Some evil politicians came, our freedoms to forestall,
To be a part of Clinton’s team, to follow treason’s call;
And violate their sacred trust, to subjugate us all.

And now that U.N. flag appears, where Stars and Stripes had flown,
Declaring we are spiritless, our heritage is gone;
Reminding us of values lost, of liberties we’ve known.

So if by chance that you should see the Red, the White and Blue,
Just think of better times gone by, when life was clean and true;
And reminisce as you recall the freedoms we once knew.

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(copyright by Earl Carson)

As rising crime and violence replace good times of yore,
We cringe and tremble with a fear we’ve never felt before.
How soon we lose the purpose of our nation’s early years,
And due respect for those who fought, with blood, and sweat, and tears.

Our founding fathers made this land as it was meant to be,
A home for lawful citizens, of people brave and free.
Now, if you listen silently, perhaps you too can hear,
Their deathless words that echo their heartache, dread, and fear.

They agonize in disbelief, of better times gone by;
" Things we considered innocent exist no more!" They cry.
" For slimy sixties Marxists burn the flag we hold so dear,
And homes become like prisons. Crime grows from year to year."

"Those things considered sinful now happen all the while,
What now is seen as normal was once both sick and vile.
The woman’s place, though in the home, her family to maintain,
with latch-key children each one took her role in life in vain."

"Her children roam the streets at night, as if they’ve lost all hope,
Those rock and rap groups idolized preach death, and sex, and dope.
The roving gangs that terrorize each law-abiding man,
Prompt drive-by shooting incidents from some opposing clan."

"’Do-gooders’ cry ‘insensitive, revenge is not so nice!’
so criminals are pampered, their victims pay the price.
The Bill of Rights is threatened, the people unaware,
Would vote away their liberties because they just don’t care."

"Abnormal same-sex practices, from which no childbirth springs,
Must now be taught in public schools, with other weird things.
Though deadly AIDS infects them, strange laws say you can’t tell,
The names of those you must avoid, to keep you safe and well."

"Though ‘civil rights’ are parroted, they’re meaningless to men,
When seeking work to pay the bills, they try and try again.
But find that sex and race alone determine who will share,
This country’s jobs and social life, and men don’t have a prayer."

"Your citizens have forgotten us. You chose the course of sin,
This country that has blessed you all will never rise again.
And those of us who formed this land feel sickened and annoyed,
Because you simply didn’t care, this nation is destroyed!"

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The Rape of Arlington
(copyright by Earl Carson)

They chose to fight for liberty,
Just kids, still in their teens;
But joined the legion of the lost,
In wartime’s combat scenes.
Some gave their lives on tropic isles,
Or burned in airplane wrecks;
While others died on frozen hills,
Or jumped from sinking decks.
The bullets tore their flesh away,
On Iwo’s bloody shore;
And Chinese burp guns took their toll,
At Chosin Reservoir.
Vietnam’s dead felt cannon fire,
Their names were on those shells;
They bled, they cried, and there they died,
In many separate hells.
And though they rest at Arlington,
Their souls cry out in pain.
For Clinton sold this hallowed place,
To pay for his campaign.
Slick Willie traded gravesites there,
Reserved for combat vets;
To those who dodged the draft like him,
And paid his campaign debts.
In payment for election funds,
To help that Clinton snake,
A place was found at Arlington,
To plant that Lawrence fake!
So, since the ground’s polluted now,
We vets must look ahead,
And find a clean and proper place
To honor combat dead.
Yes, Arlington’s infected now,
All thanks to "Comrade Bill."
Though Larry Lawrence was removed,
His aura fouls it still.
They cannot rest, their ground is soiled,
And justice is delayed;
Because of Clinton and his ilk,
All vets have been betrayed!

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The Legacy
(copyright by Earl Carson)

With shouts of left-wing slogans loud, the sixties slime left as a crowd,
With hate for homeland and its wars, they dodged the draft on foreign shores;
They fled their country, then returned, demanding rights they never earned.

Some pinkos, filled with all their hate, to Hanoi went to demonstrate,
And Moscow’s haunts, strange tales could tell, of those who came, their souls to sell;
Such traitors burned with evil hands, our sacred flag, in foreign lands.

With acid-rock their brains pollute, free sex and drugs was their pursuit,
Their half-dead souls made senses reel, so Karl Marx could win appeal;
Their schools with liberal thoughts arcane, taught socialistic, one-world gain.

They all refused to share the yoke, and communistic treason spoke,
Despised this greatest land on earth, this nation free that gave them birth;
With cowardice they scorned those all, who fought to answer freedom’s call.

If these Satanic traitors faced those long-dead tyrants they embraced,
Then Joe Stalin, from depths of hell, would view their deeds and say, "All’s well;"
And Adolph Hitler, watching too, would surely say "I’m proud of you!"

In politics these traitors strive to keep their evil plans alive.
That in this land so free and brave, the populace they might enslave;
With left-wing liberalism’s gloom, they’d send this nation to its doom.

Let’s not forget the sacrifice, endured by vets, as freedom’s price,
They faced the foe and beat him down, to cast his sword back to the ground;
They’d gladly do the same today, to save us from those traitors’ way.

And now an ultimatum clear, demands that we must lend an ear,
Each patriot must be shown the reason to stop this evil, one-world treason;
For if we fail to act today, it’s goodbye to our U.S.A.

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The Welcome

Combat vets with tales to tell; not often prone to brag,
With talk of war, of wounds unhealed, of honor, country, flag,
But those who stayed so safe at home have other things to say;
"We’ve heard your line too many times. Please vet, just go away!"

"We do not care about your wars, and what each battle cost,
The pain and torture you endured. The comrades that you lost,
Your tales of death and violence, too grisly to portray;
Distressing to our consciousness. Now please vet, go away!"

"We young should do the nation’s work. The gays and women too,
Minorities must be first employed before we hire you,
Affirmative action is the law. With quotas we repay;
And you’re too old to take our jobs, so please vet, go away!"

"We’ve taken morals out of schools. They’re free to educate,
To teach of sex, of one-world rule, of Godless welfare state,
The Stars and Stripes, in protest burns, when it goes on display;
You loved that flag in vain, G.I. Things change. Now go away!"

"The nation’s better in the hands of generations new,
What’s old is past, the values change, and we are tired of you,
Your patriotic sentiments by now are all passť;
Time after time, we’ve heard your rhyme. Now vet, just go away!"

"We’re sixties-style radicals. We hate you men of war,
Your comrades dead, in hallowed ground, deserve our praise no more;
And contributions, slyly placed with Democrats today;
Will buy our place in Arlington, so vet, just go away!"

"Although you risked your life and limb to keep this nation free,
We voted Marxists into power, in Washington, D.C.,
The foe you once so bravely fought, we honor now today’
The country’s changed. We are one world. Now vet, please go away.

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What So Proudly They Burned
(copyright by Earl Carson)

An eerie vision came to me, in dreams, the other night,
Of wartime dead who lost their lives, in some distressing fight;
Their anguished faces showed concern, and mirrored inner fright.

They bore deep scars from every war, from where our flag once flew,
They died from wounds at Bunker Hill, and Iwo Jima too;
Korea’s frozen dead appeared, along with Viet Nam’s crew.

In hollow, death-like tones one spoke: "We have a tale to tell,
On battlefields across the world, we served Old Glory well’
That flag now flies above the graves where we, the dead, now dwell."

"We chose to fight for liberty, but treason reared its head,
An evil generation rose, and we can’t rest," he said;
" They burn our nation’s sacred flag, for which much blood was shed!"

"While you remained so safe at home, we paid our country’s due,
We trusted you to guard that flag, and hoped you’d never choose
To tolerate those evil ones who would our flag abuse."

"G.I.s would face a firing squad, if the flag they should betray,
But sixties rebels didn’t care. They chose the traitor’s way;
The devil has a special place reserved for them some day."

"In mocking this, the Stars and Stripes, flag-burners showed their hue,
They waved the flag of North Vietnam, and that of Russia too;
And you did nothing to resist. What must we think of you?"

"How shameful your inaction. Your responses weak and lame!
How can you make excuses for a country gone insane?
How can you answer we do died, who fought your wars in vain?"

Those patriots all have passed away, and as in death they fell,
Succeeding generations condemned this land to hell’
They chose the side of leftist slime, and commies wished them well.

The vision of those wartime dead soon vanished in the air,
But left behind a message clear, of anger and despair;
For Satan’s spawn still burns the flag, and people still don’t care!



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