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Rebecca Myree Rawley Poetry


This poem, written by their granddaughter Rebecca Myree Rawley at age 13, is dedicated to Harry and Reba Rawley with love and appreciation. Harry Rawley was in H&S Company, 14th Combat Engineers, during the Korean War.


The Korean War

For three dark years the war did last.
It was a frightening, brutal place in the past.

Brave men had to leave their families alone,
They did not know if they were coming home.

Each day, the only thing that they could do
Was pray that God would help them through.

Some friends were kept that the men did meet,
Others they watched die upon their feet.

Through tears and bloodshed, the war went on,
Finally, the treaty was signed at Panmunjon.

However, the war was not over yet,
It haunted their dreams as they slept.

Men try to forget the bitter past,
But, their sad memories will always last.


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