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Most recent additions:
  • 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association - posted 7/13/2012
  • USMC Combat Helicopter Association - posted 1/11/07
  • USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 - posted 8/12/07
  • Field Artillery Battalion - 143rd - posted 8/24/07
  • Seventh Cavalry - posted 9/25/07
  • British - Korea 1950-53: The Forgotten War - posted 12/24/07
  • Glynn Ellis.com - posted 1/08/09

Welcome to the Korean War Educator's Best on the Net!

The "Best on the Net" pages were created to assist our visitors in their quest for information regarding the Korean War. Please note that there are TWO sections to the "Best on the Net."

Links to "The Best on the Net" (A - Z) as well as; Other Web Resources" can be found above. "A - Z" links go to other Web sites devoted to some aspect of the Korean War. The "Other Web Resources" page contains links to Web sites containing general military-related Web resources.

Due to the overwhelming size and continued growth, these pages have been broken up into an alphabetical index. Please click on the section you would like to see. You do not need to return to this page to access the other areas since the menu bar will appear on each page.

Please keep in mind that sometimes websites shut down or their URL web address changes. If one of these links does not work, please contact Lynnita Brown.

If you have a Korean War-related web site that you think will be of interest to our readers, contact Lynnita Brown with the URL and a brief description of the site.


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