Death Notices

Members of the public may post death notices about Korean War veterans (and other veterans who served in Korea after the cease fire) on this page of the Korean War Educator. There is no word limit, and pictures are permitted. It is never too late to post a death notice for Korean War veterans.  Sometimes their buddies search for years for information about them, so even if your veteran died long ago, please do post notice of his or her death on this page of the KWE.  Send your notices to:

Korean War Educator
c/o Lynnita Jean Brown
111 E. Houghton St.
Tuscola, IL 61953

Interesting statistic (2016): Approximately 150 Korean War veterans die every day.
Most recent updates (date at left is date notice was posted on KWE):
  • 3/05/2018 - Roy B. Bestow Sr. (died 7/18/2013)
  • 3/05/2018 - Finnis E. (Frank, Bud) Franklin (died 7/04/1994)
  • 3/05/2018 - William Glenn Sharp (died 9/05/2005)
  • 3/05/2018 - Bob Burris (died 5/27/2005)
  • 1/12/2018 - Andrew Lachapelle (died 12/29/2017)
  • 12/03/2017 - Emmett M. Lanier (died 2/01/2017)
  • 12/01/2017 - Dean Sylvester Allan (died 10/21/2017)
  • 11/17/2017 - Jesse Gregory Folmar (died 07/30/2004)
  • 11/13/2017 - Lowell S. "Corky" Carson Jr. (died 10//06/2017)
  • 11/08/2017 - Louis Tarleton Dechert Sr. (died 10/21/2017)
  • 5/01/2017 - Gordon William Sumner (died 9/12/2010)
  • 1/17/2017 - Lt. Col (Ret.) Richard John Lorette (died 1/10/2017)
  • 1/09/2017 - Dr. Victor A. Machcinski Sr. (died 5/11/2006)
  • 1/03/2017 - Leon "Lee" R. Neal (died 12/08/2015)
  • 1/01/2017 - John W. Ray (died 9/03/2016)


Death Notices

Death notices submitted to the KWE are listed alphabetical by last name.  Please click an alpha link to go to that page.

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