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This website was created by Lynnita Brown, founder, Korean War Educator.  Lynnita, who holds Korean War veterans in the highest regard, is solely responsible for the monitoring and posting of all of the contributed and self-generated text that appears on the Korean War Educator.  Technical changes to the website are courtesy of Webmaster Jim Doppelhammer, who also has a strong appreciation for our nation's veterans.  Lynnita can be reached at 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953; ph. 217-253-4620 (home) or 217-253-5171 (store Thursday-Saturday).  Lynnita's e-mail is lynnita@thekwe.org.

Thank you to all veterans for
protecting our freedom.


Our hearts and prayers go out to the flood victims in Texas and Louisiana.
God will take care of you, and the people of our nation will help Him.

- Lynnita

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Latest News:

[The following news and commentary is posted with the most recent news at top, followed by older news.  Latest News is written by Lynnita Brown.]

The month of October kept me very busy with my store, as well as making trips back and forth to the hospital after my husband Dale was admitted for some very serious health issues.  My store is very child-oriented, so when the Halloween season comes around, I'm kept hopping with costumes and such.  In addition, the store sponsors a good-sized flea market twice a year, and the second one always falls in October. Halloween is over, Dale is home from the hospital, the flea market is behind me--and now comes another busy season during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.  I am the supervisor of Peace Meal in Tuscola five days a week, and operate my store Thursday-Saturday.  I am also currently moving my office into my bedroom and my bedroom into my office because of space limitations in my current office.  Chaos reigns!  More work on the KWE is done in the winter than in the summer.  I don't like the cold, so I "hibernate" in front of my computer when it's cold outside.  All of this is to tell my KWE visitors that I am still here, but at this time I am very, very busy.  Don't give up on me! [Posted 11/08/2017]


The Korean War Educator has a new member--Wallace Stewart of California.  Welcome, Wallace!  Life member William Schultz of Michigan donated $100 to be used where it is most needed.  Repeat donor Gary Morgan of Minnesota donated $100 to the KWE this November.  In addition, Jerome Bonkowski of Illinois (1st Sgt., USMC, Ret.) donated $100 to the KWE's web hosting fund in honor of the 242nd birthday of the Marine Corps.  Thanks to all four of these special men for supporting the work of the Korean War Educator. [Posted 11/08/2017]


Congratulations to the Korean War veteran father of Erich Nikischer, who reared his son to appreciate our National Anthem and honor and respect our veterans.  After nearly 30 years as a stadium worker with the Buffalo Bills, Nikischer walked off the job when Bills players recently took a knee during the National Anthem prior to a Bills/Bronchos game.  Nikischer told Fox News that his father called him after learning about Erich's controversial stand.  "He was broken up, but he was proud of me,” he recalled. “He was in tears with pride because I stood up for veterans and I did the right thing in my heart and his heart.” [Posted 9/27/2017]


My computer has been on the fritz for weeks and weeks.  It's been frustrating.  [Posted 9/24/2017]


The so-called, "National Korean War Museum" in Springfield, Illinois, abruptly closed its doors permanently on Saturday, July 29, 2017. Its beginnings were in the Douglas County Museum in Tuscola, Illinois (host city of the KWE), but then it hopped around all over the place after the local museum board of trustees requested that the Korean War Museum exit its premises after a conflict.  It then moved to the community building in downtown Tuscola.  Then it moved to the mall at the south edge of Tuscola.  From there it went to the Chanute Museum in Rantoul, Illinois.  From there it moved to Springfield, Illinois, where two locations were proposed to construct a multi-million dollar museum.  Those proposals never got off the ground and it ultimately died in its final resting place--an empty Cosco drug store building on the Old Capitol Plaza in Springfield.  At one point in time it purportedly had an office in Washington, D.C.  Its trustees also tried to move it to Chicago.  After over seven million dollars were donated by individual veterans, their families, and civic groups to establish a national museum to honor Korean War veterans, the only thing that veterans got out of the deal was ZERO.  Salaried employees and professional fundraisers got the vast majority of the donated money.  It is unclear what will happen to its remaining assets (if any are left) or its collection of Korean War artifacts.  The Illinois Attorney General is investigating the abrupt closure.  As someone who was personally involved in the initial founding of that museum, I could say a whole lot more about the debacle.  Instead, I will just say three things about the demise of the "National Korean War Museum".  (1) I'm not surprised.  (2) Its shut-down was long overdue. (3) Korean War veterans should be disgusted and outraged at the mismanagement and boneheaded decisions that ultimately caused it to fail.  I know that I certainly am. - Lynnita [Posted 8/02/2017]


Author Christopher Russell sent a check for $50.00 to the Korean War Educator this month.  He wrote: "Please accept the enclosed check as a token of support for your efforts.  I have made extensive use of the website over the last couple years.  I list you and your site among the acknowledgements in my new book, soon to be published."  It is always gratifying to learn that somewhere out there in cyberspace members of the general public are learning about the Korean War through this truly special website. Thank you, Christopher! [Posted 6/30/2017]


At last!  I'm back online with a new computer.  This is my first time on the KWE since April.  I'll try to update our KWE readers about what's been happening in my life over the past several weeks.  Far more troubling than my computer malfunction is the fact that on the day before Memorial Day, my husband Dale had a mild stroke that landed him in Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital, Mattoon, Illinois, for several days.  Two more strokes later and an ambulance trip to Peoria, Illinois, found him in St. Francis Hospital for another four days of observation, tests, and change of medications.  Friends took care of our household pets and house during that time.  Even more friends stepped in to run my store during downtown Tuscola's annual car show so I could be with Dale in Peoria.  I slept on a cot in Dale's hospital room during his stay there.  We are back home now, where Dale is slowly but surely recovering from the strokes.  He has some damage to his system, but it remains to be seen whether it is permanent or just temporary.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I am now blessed with a new computer, provided by Doublehammer Computers in Charleston, Illinois.  The owner of the company, Jim Dopplehammer, is the KWE's webmaster.  This new machine is faster and much more efficient than my old one, and was given to the KWE as a gift.  I truly give thanks to Jim for his generosity.  I still have a almost-ready-to-fail HP Officejet 4632, but hope to get a new printer when money allows.

When I got into my mail program for the first time in several weeks, I had over 20,000 messages waiting for me.  Well over 19,000 were spam--the price I pay for having my e-mail address plastered all over the Korean War Educator website.  I am backlogged with work for the Korean War Educator, but never fear--I will catch up and push forward with this much-needed, much-loved, and much-utilized educational website about the Korean War and its amazing veterans.  Thanks for your patience while I was off line.  Watch us grow!! [Posted 6/26/2017]


My computer is having some problems and is in the shop. If you've tried to get in contact with me and I haven't responded, that is why. I appreciate your patience. [Posted 5/24/2017]


My husband Dale was in the hospital for four days and is slowly recovering.  My late mother's estate sale is this coming weekend.  Needless to say, personal issues have kept me from making further additions to the KWE website, but I will be back at it very shortly.  Thanks for your patience. [Posted 4/17/2017]


This week the KWE received a $50.00 donation from Kevin Brennan of Pennsylvania.  He told us, "I am pleased to have made a donation via Paypal to the KWEF in memory of my uncle, Cpl. George N. Harner, RA 13297008. Cpl. Harner was with the 1st Cavalry Division, 7th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, L Company, KIA September 4, 1950. Details are sketchy, but as far as I've been able to determine his company was defending Hill 464 on that date during the Battle of Tabu-dong, part of Pusan Perimeter. As far as I've been able to determine, another soldier in his company, Pfc. Joseph Eugene Wood (RA 57218776) was KIA the same day, but I have not been able to track down any family or friends.  Thanks for your remembrance efforts and keep up the good work."  We appreciate not only the donation, but also the ultimate sacrifice that Corporal Harner made in Korea, as well as the sacrifice of the Harner family that lost a loved one in this terrible war.  [Posted 4/17/2017]


I'm still here but my computer and screen are giving me fits.  They just do not behave anymore.  Be patient with me.  Adding items to the KWE under these conditions is a real challenge. [Posted 3/13/2017]


Our friend George Patrick sent the KWE $75.00 in early February.  A public thank you for his generosity is long overdue, delayed by the fact that my computer was broken for a couple of weeks, followed by a week-long sick spell on my part.  Pat is the author of a non-fiction book entitled, On the Sea of Purple Hearts, and is listed in the KWE's General Store of non-fiction books. [Posted 3/04/2017]


My 86-year-old mother died on January 17.  The obituary of Norma Jean Aldridge can be found on the Hilligoss-Shrader Funeral Home website in Tuscola, Illinois. [Posted 1/20/2017]


Outpost International, Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, is hosting an historical seminar entitled, "Forgotten Battles and Units of the Forgotten War."  The seminar will be held at the Hilton Springfield, 6550 Loisdale Road, Springfield, Virginia and the Memorial Amphitheater, Arlington National Cemetery, April 19-22, 2017.  Veteran participants will include: Gen. Volney Warner (Ret.), L Company, 21st Infantry, 24th Infantry Division; LtG. Edward Rowny (Ret.), X Corps Engineer, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division; Sfc. Ronald Rosser (Ret.), Medal of Honor recipient, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division; Col. Parker Thompson, chaplain, 10th EN and 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division; Col. Doug Dillard (Ret.), Army Unit 8240; Col. William Weber (Ret.), 187th Airborne; Col. John Insani (Ret.), 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division; and former POW Maj. Arden Rowley (2nd Engineering Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division.  The topics will include: the Belgian Battalion and Luxembourg Platoon in Korea, Korean Partisan Operations (Army Unit 8240), Korean Augmentation to US Army (KATUSA) in the 3rd Infantry Division, the 25 June 1950 ROK Navy Victory in the Korea Strait, the Battles of Outpost Harry April and June 1953, the Hungnam Evacuation December 1950, and Task Force Dog in December 1950.  Registration fee is $30; banquet fee is $40; and room rate per night (including breakfast) is $114.  If you are interested in attending this seminar the points of contact are C. Monika Stoy and Timothy R. Stoy; timmoni15@yahoo.com; phone 703-912-4218. [Posted 1/12/2017]


Thanks for everyone's prayers for my mom.  Her condition remains very precarious.  [Posted 1/04/2017]


The KWE treasury increased significantly due to two monetary gifts from life members Sheila Kronenberger of Illinois and Billy G. Wright of Alabama.  Sheila donated $500, which is being used entirely for the KWE website.  Billy donated $50.00, and his gift will also go toward the website.  Both gifts arrived just before Christmas, but my family's challenges with Mother's health slowed down my work on the KWE significantly.  Sheila and Billy have gifted money to the Korean War Educator on numerous occasions, and their support has truly made a difference for this ever-growing website.  Many thanks to both of them. [Posted 1/04/2017]


Mother (age 86) fell off a counter at St. Mary's Hospital in Decatur on December 21st.  She fractured her left hip and underwent surgery the next morning.  On Christmas Eve she was transported to a nursing home in Sullivan, Illinois, and is not recovering very well from the fall/surgery.  Our family needs your prayers.  [Posted 12/27/2016]


It has come to our attention that quite a lot of Korean War history is being lost needlessly because one particular aspect of the many unique opportunities available to veterans through the Korean War Educator is little known.  The KWE exists to educate the public about the Korean War--at no cost to Korean War veterans.  Here is what is happening that doesn't need to happen:

Individual Korean War veterans and Korean War veteran reunion groups often have small, medium and large websites on the Internet.  Unfortunately, as the veterans age and financial resources to stay online dry up, these informative websites are being pulled off the Internet one by one and the history found on them is being lost forever.

Please spread the word that the Korean War Educator's "Topics" page can absorb these increasingly-disappearing websites at no cost.  All you have to do is turn the text and photographs over to the KWE for permanent posting on the Korean War Educator.  Naturally, a little money to help make the transaction would always be welcome, but it is most certainly not mandatory.  The KWE is a free service to Korean War veterans and always will be--no strings attached.

How does one move a Korean War-related website over to the KWE?  Simple.  Contact Lynnita! [Posted 8/29/2010]


Do you have a short story about Korea?  Send it our way!  We have recently opened a short story section on the KWE's Memoirs page.  Lynnita's e-mail address is lynnita@thekwe.org.  Her U.S. mail is Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953.  Be sure to include a picture of yourself to go along with the story.  Sending more than one picture is okay, too.  [Posted 2/16/08]

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Newest Additions to the KWE

  • Tonight the Bronze Star citation and two Silver Star citations of 1Lt. William F. Vahlsing (7ID) were posted on the KWE.  His second Silver Star was awarded posthumously.  He was killed in action on Old Baldy.  His citations were given to us by Roger Corbin, whose mother, the former Jean M. Vahlsing of Philadelphia, was married to the Lieutenant when he was KIA. Also posted was the Distinguished Flying Cross citation for 1Lt. Cecil B. Smith (USAF), sent to us courtesy of Kim Brand. [Posted 9/05/2017]

  • Added to the KWE's list of American notables who served in the military during the Korean War or thereafter were: Ron Hicks (president of FootLocker Shoes), Regis Philbin (radio talk show host), John "Jackie" Cooper Jr. (child/adult actor), and Joe Arpaio (controversial sheriff in Arizona). [Posted 9/03/2017] 

  • American architect Charles Willard Moore was added to the list of American notables who served in the Korean War.  The information about him was sent to the KWE by Peter Hill. [Posted 7/20/2017]

  • The Bronze Star citation (meritorious) for Maj. James Arnold Wilson (8th Army) was posted on the KWE tonight courtesy of his son-in-law, Davis Stewart. [Posted 7/03/2017]

  • For quite some time the Korean War Educator has been searching for back issues of an oral history newsletter entitled, "The Battle Report."  Longtime KWE supporter Ray Walker of Tennessee gave us several issues, which appear in PDF form on the KWE.  Thanks to Sallie Dalton of West Virginia, we have now received issues 3-6 from Volume 1 of that series.  Due to printer problems in Lynnita's office, Sallie's issues have not yet been scanned.  However, this evening we posted an outline of what contents appear in each of those issues.  When the KWE printer issues gets resolved, PDFs of each issue will also appear on the website, courtesy of Sallie. [Posted 6/30/2017]

  • The Bronze Star citation for Korean War MIA Pfc. Nicholas DeSimone Jr. (heavy mortars) was added to the KWE this evening. Also added (courtesy of his son Terry) was the Bronze Star citation for Pvt. John Knorr (3ID).  [Posted 6/29/2017]

  • A tribute to MSgt. Richard Roy Pretzer is the newest addition to the Remembrance page of the Korean War Educator.  Read about the remarkable soldier who wanted to join his buddies in the 25th Infantry Division in Korea so urgently that he used his life savings to purchase his own ticket to Korea's combat zone in 1950. [Posted 5/12/2017]

  • The KWE continues to search for information about the various ships that transported replacement drafts to Japan and Korea.  Several were added tonight, including a message from Dr. Birney Dibble.  We encourage our readers to check out this page and add more information to it if possible. [Posted 5/12/ 2017]

  • Information about the sinking of the minesweepers USS Pirate and USS Pledge in Wonson harbor in 1950 was added to the KWE last night and this a.m.  The information includes Bronze and Silver Star recipients, as well as a list of known survivors.  The USS Pirate list of survivors is complete.  The one for the USS Pledge isn't.  We're still looking for those names--and we'll find them! [Posted 5/03/2017]

  • Peter Hill of Australia sent us several e-mails with suggested names for the KWE's American Notables topics page.  Thanks to him the following names and bios were added: Horace Clifford Westermann, T.R. Fehrenbach, Martin Russ, and James Brady.  Also added were Frank McCourt and Creighton W. Abrams Jr.  [Posted 4/28/2017]

  • Added to the KWE's American Notables in the wee hours of this morning were the names of politicians who served their country during the Korean War.  They include: Nathan George Agostinelli (state comptroller of Connecticut), John Malcolm Patterson (42nd governor of Alabama), Spiro T. Agnew (former governor of Maryland and US Vice President under Richard Nixon), and Dan Walker (36th governor of Illinois). [Posted 4/07/2017]

  • In spite of the fact that my computer is acting up in the worst possible way these days, the following persons and short bios for them were added to the KWE's American Notables page tonight: Joseph Margoneri (baseball), Frank Simanovsky (baseball), Jack Dempsey (boxing), Archie Williams (track), Curt Simmons (baseball), Tony Lema (golf), John Woodruff (track), Don Larsen (baseball), and Don Newcombe (baseball).  [Posted 4/05/2017]

  • Last night several American notables who served in the military during the Korean War were added to the KWE.  They  include: Roger D. Jones, R. Champlin "Champ" Sheridan, Charles E. Craven, Charles Marowitz, William Watson, Michael Jaharis Jr., Howard William Osterkamp, and Ralph Cobey.  Also added was John Valluzzo, who served in Korea after the active war.  If these names don't ring a bell for you, visit the American Notables page  to see why the KWE considers them "notable" Korean War veterans.  On the Women in the Military page, information about Alene B. Duerk was added.  A veteran of three wars, Duerk was the first woman to be appointed a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. 

  • Added to the KWE's list of American Notables in the Korean War are two physicians.  One is Dr. Alvin V. Blount Jr., a distinguished physician in North Carolina who was also the first black chief of surgery in a MASH unit in the Korean War.  The other doctor (who served 15 months in Korea) is the infamous Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was imprisoned for assisting in patient suicides. [Posted 3/07/2017]

  • Courtesy of Alison Barrett Kent, the Silver Star citation presented posthumously to Weston H. Thompson Jr. of Connecticut was posted on the KWE tonight.  Weston was serving in the 3rd Infantry Division at the time of his death in 1952.  [Posted 2/07/2017]

  • The following Distinguished Service Cross citations were added to the KWE tonight: 2Lt. William DuBois Ware (25ID-posthumous), MSgt. Billie F. Williams (7ID0, Capt. William R. Williams (KMAG), 1Lt. Earl K. Woolley (187ARCT), 1Lt. George M. Wright (25ID-posthumous), and Pfc. Charles T. Zimmerman (24ID). [Posted 1 /  20/2017]

  • More Distinguished Service Cross citations were added to the KWE.  They include: Pfc. Joseph A. Nesci (2ID), 1Lt. Ward O. Neville (Corps of Engineers - posthumous), 2Lt. James N. Oglesby (7ID-posthumous), Cpl. George William Otto (7ID-posthumous), Sgt. George H. Paine (7ID-posthumous), Sgt. Edgar Pappert (24ID), 1Lt. Harold G. Parris (25ID-posthumous), Pvt. Jimmie R. Parsley (3ID), Sgt. Jessie F. Perez (2ID), Cpl. Wilfred J. Picou (2ID), Sfc. Junius G. Poovey (25ID), 2Lt. George Peter Psihas (45ID), Sgt. Emmit L. Randolph (7ID), Cpl. Woodrow W. Rasnick (24ID), Cpl. Lawrence A. Ray (24ID), 2Lt. Rhotenberry (2ID), MSgt. J.C. Richards Jr. (45ID), Sfc. Ray O. Riley (25ID), Sfc. Donald C. Rogers (7ID-posthumous), Sfc. Frank D. Rorrer (24ID-posthumous), Cpl. Sydney Charles Rose (25ID-posthumous), Sgt. Edward E. Roslof (24ID-posthumous), Col. Joseph Rieber Russ (7ID), 1Lt. Paul R. Schultz (96FAB-posthumous), Pvt. Charles L. Shanholtz (24ID), Pfc. Floyd Shepard (7ID-posthumous), Pfc. Winford A. Shilling (24ID), 1Lt. Ross E. Sitler (3ID), 1Lt. Dale M. Smith (7ID), Pfc. Joseph E. Smith (7ID), Pvt. Paul R. Spear (24I), Col. William H. Spicer (KMAG), 1Lt. Charley L. St. Clair (955FAB), Cpl. Jack R. Starkey (5RCT-posthumous), Col. Richard Warburton Stephens (24ID), Cpl. Walter Lee Stewart (7ID-posthumous), 1Lt. Max Raymond Stover (7ID-posthumous), Sfc. Francis D. Strowmatt (USA), Cpl. Bobby G. Stuart (24ID), Pfc. Charles Allen Tabor (24ID-posthumous), 1Lt. Rudolph M. Tamez (7ID), Pfc. Clovis R. Taylor (2ID), 1Lt. Ernest P. Terrell (24ID), Pfc. John L. Thornton (45ID), Sgt. Joseph M. Truitt (2ID), 1Lt. Isidro D. Urbano (7ID-posthumous), Sfc. James T. Van Hove (3ID), Sfc. Chester W. Van Orman (24ID), and 1Lt. Wilbert F. Vaughn (2ID). [Posted 1/12/2017]

  • Tonight the following Distinguished Service Cross citations were added to the KWE: Capt. Robert S. Kestlinger (USA-Liaison Detach.), Cpl. Andre J. Ketele (187ARCT-posthumous), 1Lt. Dwight A. Kirk (25ID-posthumous), Sgt. Robert S. Kobashigawa (3ID-posthumous), 2Lt. Albert R. Kopsick (3ID, Cpl. Jack Korakian (45ID-posthumous), Sfc. William E. Krilling (45ID), Cpl. Charles E. Lack (USA), Pfc. Elmer E. Lewellyn (2ID-posthumous), Sgt. Roey E. Limbock (24ID), Capt. Gordon J. Lippman (25ID), 1Lt. Charles Arthur Lonsford (7ID), Maj. Gen. Frank E. Lowe (USA), 2Lt. Frank W. Lukas (KMAG-2 awards), MSgt. Ned Lyle (2ID), 1Lt. Henry Tomlinson MacGill (24ID-posthumou), Cpl. Norman E. MacLeod (USA), Cpl. Robert J. Malloy (7ID-posthumous), Pfc. Murray T. Manning Jr. (7ID-posthumous), Col. Robert Reinhold Martin (24ID-posthumous), MSgt. James Matteo (2ID), Cpl. Bert W. Maudie (5 RCT), 2Lt. Russell J. McCann (45ID-posthumous), Pfc. James McCorley (2ID), MSgt. Prentiss E. McPhate (25ID-posthumous), Cpl. William L. Meckley (3ID-posthumous), Maj. Harold H. Meisner (KMAG), Cpl. Howard P. Merkle (2ID-posthumous), 1Lt. Peter Howland Monfore (2ID-posthumous), Pvt. Benito Montez Jr. (3ID), Pfc. Fumio Meriyama (2ID-posthumous), Cpl. Eiji Morishige (1CAV-posthumous), and MSgt. Ervin L. Muldoon (187ARCT-posthumous). [Posted 1/10/2017]

  • Distinguished Service Cross citations for the following men were added to the KWE tonight: Sfc. Charles A. Falk (5RCT), Pfc. Maxie Fancher (5RCT-posthumous),  1Lt. Charles Kohl Farabaugh (7ID-posthumous), 2Lt. Alan C. Felger (FAB), MSgt. John W. Finley (24ID), Pfc. Clifford C. Finn (24ID-posthumous), Pfc. Donald V. Flowers (24ID), Sgt. Richard R. Fontaine (24ID), Cpl. Paul G. Foster (45ID), Cpl. Lawrence N. Gardner (187ARCT-posthumous), 1Lt. Philip J. Gilchrist (25ID), MSgt. J.R. Glaze (24ID)Sgt. Elmer O. Goetz (7ID), Cpl. Ray B. Gonzales (187ARCT), 1Lt. William E. Gore (187ARCT), 1Lt. John Henry Green (7ID-posthumous), Sfc. Albert F. Griffin (40ID), Pfc. Edward Grady Halcomb (29th Inf. Rgt.), Sfc. Rebel L. Holcomb (2ID), Pfc. Marion D. Hoover (7ID-posthumous), Sfc. Dellno Horne (2ID), Sfc. Russell Leroy Huffman (187ARCT), Capt. John C. Hughes (25ID-2nd award), Sfc. Donald J. Hurt (45ID-posthumous), 1Lt. Elwood F. James (24ID-posthumous), Sgt. Alan Jastram (2ID-posthumous), 1Lt. Clair W. Jennett (24ID), Lt. Col. Carl C. Jensen (24ID-posthumous), Lt. Col. Lloyd K. Jenson (2ID), Sgt. Donald R. Joslen (2ID), and Pfc. James J. Jovenall (2ID).  [Posted 1/09/2017]

  • Added to the KWE tonight is the following citation: Bronze Star - CDR George Chambelain Duncan (USN).  Also added are the following Distinguished Service Cross citations: 1Lt. Smith Barton Chamberalin (3IDF), Sfc. George D. Chamberlain (2ID-2nd award), 1Lt. Loran E. Chambers (24ID), 2Lt. Harold T. Clark (KMAG), 1Lt. Joseph Gordon Clemons, Jr. (7ID), Sgt. James E. Cline (24ID-posthumous), MSgt. Robert E. Cole (24ID), 1Lt. Jack L. Conn (7ID), Sgt. Lawrence Cordova (7ID), Sgt. Larry T. Cox (3ID-posthumous), 2Lt. Thomas K. Craig (2ID), MSgt. Fred Crispino (25ID), Pvt. Robert E. Crytzer (2ID-posthumous), Capt. Anthony Dannucci, Jr. (24ID-pothumous), 1Lt. Louis H. Davis (2ID-posthumous), 1Lt. Lowell M. Davis (3ID), 2Lt. Alfred P. Dianda (24ID-posthumous), 1Lt. Victor F. Diaz (24ID), 1Lt. George H. Dickinson (3ID-posthumous), Cpl. Gerald L. Dilley (24ID), 1Lt. James K. Dodd (3ID), Sgt. James W. Dooley (3ID), Sfc. Arthur C. Dudley (24ID), 1Lt. John H. Dunn (2ID - posthumous), Sfc. Eldon J. Elthon (45ID), Capt. John E. Emerson Jr. (2ID), 1Lt. Sherman W. Ensley (2ID), Pfc. Eugene Estep (187ARCT - posthumous), and Sgt. Herbert J. Etie (7ID-posthumous).  [Posted 1/08 /2017]

  • The following citations have been added to the KWE over the course of the past several weeks: Silver Star - Lt. Col. Fred L. Harrison (2ID), 1Lt. Stanley D. Hyman (USAF), Maj. Harry K. Hauge (25ID), Capt. Charles B. Hazelrigg (2ID), and 1Lt. Dolphin Dunnaha Overton III (USAF - 4 awards); Bronze Star - Sfc. Theodore Norris (25ID); Distinguished Flying Cross - AO3c Carl W. Harris (USN), Capt. Edward Shamis (USMC), AO2c Leonard K. Hawkenberry (USN), Maj. Floyd C. Haxton (USMC - 4th & 5th award), Capt. Ernest Charles Fiebelkorn (USAF - 3rd award), Gen. Douglas MacArthur (USA), Lt.jg. Thomas Bibb Hayward (USN), and 1Lt. James Audy Hays (USAF). The following Distinguished Service Cross citations were also added: Lt. Col. Olin L. Beall (USMC), Pfc. Frank Bond Billings (USMC-posthumous), Pfc. Edward A. Clapp (USMC), Col. Richard W. Hayward (USMC), Col. Homer Laurence Litzenberg Jr. (USMC), Lt. Col. John T. Rooney (USMC), Cpl. Donald D. Sowl (USMC), Pfc. Harold Anton Twedt (USMC - posthumous), 1Lt. James A. Harris Jr. (25ID - 2nd award - posthumous), Cpl. Raymond L. Hatfield (7ID - posthumous), Cpl. Atsuo Miura (45ID), Col. Paul Lamar Freeman Jr. (2ID), Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer (USAF), 1Lt. Dale W. Carlson (2ID), Pfc. Primo C. Carnabuci (24ID), Lt. Col. Sidney C. Carpenter (KMAG), 2Lt. Charles A. Carpy (7ID), Sfc. Charles Freeman Carroll (24ID - posthumous), MSgt. William D. Carthcart (40ID), Sgt. Joe H. Cauthen (187ARCT), 1Lt. Joseph F. Cey (7ID), 2Lt. Joe V. Cerri  (3ID - posthumous), Pfc. Kenneth B. Dixon (45ID), Lt. Col. William F. Georgi (USAF), Col. William Timothy Halton (USAF - posthumous), 1Lt. Forrest L. Hicks (USAF), Lt. Col. Jacob W. Dixon (USAF), Capt. James Jabara (USAF), 1Lt. David W. MacArthur (USAF), Maj. Gen. Emmett O'Donnell Jr. (USAF), Col. Robert H. Orr (USAF), 1Lt. Dolphin Dunnaha Overton III (USAF), and 1Lt. Richard L. Savage (USAF). [Posted 1//04/2017]


Officials of a past administration of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. telephoned the KWE's largest funding source to date to request that it not support the Korean War Educator.  (Korean War veterans everywhere should be outraged at the KWVA's maltreatment of the KWE.) Subsequent KWVA administrations have done nothing about this injustice.  As a result, that funding source is no longer available to the KWE.  Until the Korean War Educator receives another grant, your financial support is needed to help keep the Korean War Educator going. Please join as a member, because your dues money is what keeps this site going. You are always welcome to e-mail me at lynnita@thekwe.org or call me (217-253-4620 at home or 217-253-5171 Thursday-Saturday at my store) Illinois time if you have comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions. [Posted 2004]


As always, Korean War veterans and their families throughout the world are invited to participate in the educating of the general public about the Korean War by sending information, memoirs, photos, and more to the Korean War Educator. - Lynnita Jean Brown

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A Team Effort

The Korean War Educator is a team effort between Lynnita Brown of Tuscola, Illinois, as well as Korean War veterans and their families worldwide.  Lynnita is directly involved with the daily updates visitors see on the KWE.  All text appearing on the Korean War Educator is either generated by or routed through Lynnita.  Webmaster Jim Doppelhammer handles the technical aspects and makes improvements to the Korean War Educator website.  If you find a technical glitch anywhere on the site, be sure to contact Jim at webmaster@koreanwar-educator.org.  If you find text errors on the site or want to add material to it, be sure to contact Lynnita at lynnita@thekwe.org.  We'll see what we can do to fix them.  If our KWE visitors see typographical and/or grammatical mistakes, Lynnita encourages those who discover them to contact her.  There is no such thing as an error "too small" to be corrected.

Lynnita can be reached by phone at 217-253-5171 (her store) from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Thursday through Saturday (and generally on Monday-Wednesday from May to December, too--but not always!).  Her home phone number in Illinois is 217-253-4620 (she rises early and stays up late).  Feel free to reach Lynnita is at her home number if you can't catch her at her store.  If she is not home, your call will be picked up by an answering machine or her husband, Dale.  Please feel free to leave a message.  She will call you back--probably the same day or evening.  Her e-mail address is lynnita@thekwe.org.

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KWE Progress Report

Site Statistics:

  • As of April 17, 2011, the KWE has had 192,390 since January 1, 2011.
  • A review of the Year 2010 traffic statistics for the Korean War Educator shows that 681,927 visitors stopped by to view the Korean War Educator from January 1 through December 31, 2010.
  • The Korean War Educator had 810,676 visitors in the year 2008.  As the site continues to grow, so will the number of visitors.  As an example of the KWE's fantastic growth rate, just think.  In the year 2004 the KWE had only 24,152 visitors!  The majority of visitors to the KWE website were from the United States, with visitors from the United Kingdom second and visitors from China third.
  • As of January 7, 2008, the KWE had 141,459 page views per month and an average of 2,000 visitors per day. The KWE website contains 5,645 files (748,966 KB).  It has 3,364 photographs.  There are 21,404 hyperlinks.
  • Due to a change of web hosts, we only have January and February and the December statistics from 2007, showing approximately 27,500 visitors per month in January/February and 30,000 visitors in December.
  • From 1/1/06-12/31/06, the KWE had 183,640 unique visitors (again, many came back to view the site over and over again, but they were only counted once) who viewed 1,132,528 of its pages.
  • From 1/1/05-12/31/05, the KWE had 222,072 unique visitors (many came back to view the site over and over again, but they were only counted once) who viewed 775,446 of its pages.

The Korean War Educator started to offer memberships at the end of September 2003. For the very first time, the Korean War Educator was able to use the General Membership dues ($10.00 annually) to establish a general operating fund that has enabled Lynnita to pay for her monthly internet connection, as well as incidentals such as reams of copy paper, ink cartridges, postage, etc., without taking it from her own pocket. Not only that, the Korean War Educator established an Endowment Fund to keep the Foundation going long after those of us living today have passed on. With an initial deposit of $50.00 (one half of the cost of Life Membership dues going into the Endowment) that special reserve fund has now jumped to $2,135.53, thanks to the most recent donations to it from the KWE's new life members Tom Cearlock and Carl Galey of Illinois.  Our goal is to build up the principal in the account so that the annual interest will pay for each year's web hosting fees.  You can find the roster of Korean War Educator members on the KWE’s "Support" section at the top of all main pages. We are hoping that many more of our visitors will come aboard to help this great Korean War website become even greater. All funds go to support the Korean War Educator Foundation. No salary money is expended.  Most of the KWE's limited funds are expended for internet/website expenses and printer ink.

It would be great if some of our regular visitors would support this important website by sponsoring a year of hosting (or more).  Contact Lynnita at lynnita@thekwe.org about this possibility if you think you would like to sponsor a year's worth of KWE.  The list of website sponsors to date is listed on the Support page of the KWE..

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In Remembrance of Julian

It is with great sorrow that I inform Korean War veterans and our other site visitors about the death of Julian "Buck" Blagg, original webmaster of the Korean War Educator website and a fine Marine. He died of lung cancer at 6:00 a.m., Sunday, June 1, 2003, at the age of 66. Julian was my dear friend, and I miss him. He helped me give the world the Korean War Educator.

     - Lynnita Brown, Founder, KWE


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